Tapping for Weight Loss

One of the reasons tapping is so effective for weight loss is tapping relieves stress. Tapping on the various acupressure points changes the chemistry in your body from stress mode to relaxation mode. It decreases your cortisol levels “the fat storage hormone” and increases your serotonin levels “the happy hormone”.  You get healthier and happier.

In addition when you tap your heart rate decreases, digestion increases, the levels of DHEA increase, which essentially puts your body in rebuilding and repair mode instead of breakdown mode.  

If you are in the midst of a craving, tapping calms your brain, breaks the circuit of thought or feeling that underlies the craving, which significantly decreases or eliminates the craving.  In addition, tapping on long-standing belief systems and traumatic events helps to heal the deeper issues that are very often the real reasons for emotional eating.

In my coaching, Tapping is used to release limiting beliefs that cause you to feel rebellious, deprived, angry or even afraid as you change your diet and lifestyle.  Once you tap down and release some of those feelings you get inspired to eat healthy foods and have fun exercising.  This process is easy to do.  It can make a profound change in your habits. Tapping is not a miracle cure; it is something that if applied consistently will help you make the changes you want.

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What is EFT or Tapping?  

Tapping womanEFT stands for Emotional Freedom Technique. EFT, often called Tapping, is a stress reducing technique that combines ancient Chinese acupressure and modern psychology with incredible results.  The way it works is you tap on the Chinese meridian points or acupuncture points to clear energy blocks.  Instead of using needles on these acupuncture points you tap gently on a few points (see diagram) while focusing on some energetic block that might be in your way. EFT disconnects you from the emotional entanglement you have because of a story you are telling yourself and puts you in a position that lets you tell a new story as you move forward. Click on this Video with Nick & Jessica Ortner to find out more. 

Why I Love Tapping?  

I discovered Tapping a few years ago when I experienced a series of traumatic events in my life. My marriage and business ended after 35 years.  Life as I knew it was over.  I had to sell my house and start over.  This is when I found tapping.  I needed a tool to deal with the pain, sadness and anger I was experiencing. Tapping allowed me to sit with my feelings, to welcome and love myself for however I was feeling. This allowed my feelings to flow through me and release.

As I got deeper into myself with tapping…

I discovered feelings of judgment and disapproval that contributed to being anorexia as a teenager.   With tapping I have been able to clear away some deep wounds in my psyche.  Who knew all these years later I would finally be ready to heal this?   It is a process, this is my journey.

As I accept myself and all of my feelings, I create greater peace in my body, mind and heart. 

Tapping worked so well for me I became a certified EFT practitioner and I now I have seen it work on hundreds of clients.  I wish I knew about tapping when I was a teenager. I am glad I can share this amazing tool with other to help them feel healthier and happier.

Here are some videos to get you started with EFT/Tapping

EFT Tapping Points click to download image and tapping points

Tapping: I Love My Body and My Body Loves Me

In this video we tap on one of the most important relationships we have, our relationship with our body.  Tap along to open up to loving your body and knowing your body loves you.

Tapping to Eat A Healthier Diet

This is a fun video about opening up to being inspired to eat a healthier diet. When you clear away your resistance you will be inspired to eat foods that support your body.

Tap Down Your Stress with EFT

Tapping to Reduce Cravings

Breathing Processes

Deep breathing keeps you calm, detoxifies your body and boosts your metabolism. Click for 15 Things You Should Know About Your Breathing

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