Client Testimonials

"Today I am celebrating having stuck with this detox all week. I really heard my body asking for something like this and the opportunity came at the perfect time. I have had a very bad addiction to Dt. Dr. Pepper and felt guilty about drinking that all day instead of water or eating food. Before this, I was only eating one meal a day, dinner, and maybe drinking 16 oz of water each day. The rest of the time I was filling up my body with soda and felt incredibly bloated. Sad, right! This process has really helped me LOVE my body more. It felt so good honoring it this week and not taking it for granted. I feel more in partnership with it and beyond this detox, I know that I will continue doing things differently. While I'm not quite ready to give up the Diet DP altogether, I know the importance now of moderation with the addition of more water. And since I don't usually have much of an appetite during the day, the smoothies are a perfect way of nourishing my body without necessarily having to stop and eat. I also learned a lot about the types of foods I should be including more of into my diet that will support my digestive system. I am so happy that I chose to do this and will recommend it to others.
Thanks Ingrid!"

Rhonda, Dublin, OH

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