Balance Your Body’s pH for Fabulous Health

5 Easy Steps to Alkalize Your Body

Icon - Check Mark Are you struggling with your weight?
Icon - Check Mark Do you often feel achy when you wake up in the morning?
Icon - Check Mark Does your skin seem dull and wrinkled?
Icon - Check Mark Would you like to know a little secret to great health?

Here it is: Balance the pH level of your blood!

What many people don’t realize is many of the foods we eat can negatively affect our body’s naturally balanced environment.

When our body’s internal environment becomes too acidic, it makes us more susceptible to illness and disease. So having an understanding of how to keep our blood in an alkaline range is essential for great health.

Learn the easiest fastest and most sustainable ways to get alkaline now. You can have energy, vitality and your ideal weight easily and enjoyably using alkaline nutrition, the single most effective strategy for weight loss.

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*  How acidic foods strip your body of minerals
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*  How to test your pH levels at home
*  Which foods are the most and least acid producing
*  The single ingredient you can add to your water to melt off  excess weight
*  5 easy steps to bring your body back into balance FAST

Learn how to get the energy and vitality of your dreams, natural permanent weight loss and overcome your health challenges easily and enjoyably using alkaline nutrition.  The single most effective strategy for vibrant health.

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   * How to Test Your pH and How to Interpret Your Results    
   * Top 5 Most Alkaline Foods with Recipes
   * Complete Acid Alkaline Food Chart

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Sign up NOW for the FREE WEBINAR

 Balance Your Body’s pH for Fabulous Health

Thursday, April 4,  2013 @ 2-3pm ET (New York Time)

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I have decided to do this webinar interview style to serve you best. My friend and colleague Kim Coleman from Urban Mystics Healing will be joining us.

See you on the webinar!

Ingrid DeHart is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Natural Foods Chef and the founder of Eat Well Enjoy Life Wellness, where powerful people transform their health, improve their energy and achieve natural permanent weight loss.  Through her seasonal cleanses and signature 6-step program, Ingrid works with her clients to help them transform from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed – to  healthy, happy and glowing.  They learn a lifestyle that truly nourishes and sustains them.  My goal in my private practice as well as in my cleanses is to help people find the way to get healthy in their kitchen with food instead of in the doctors office with medication.  I want to help you discover you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy. You can be healthy while still enjoying the foods you love, just not all the time. You need a plan.


Kim Coleman is a speaker, facilitator, healer, coach and is co-founder of – an online community that is a ‘one-stop-shop’ for anything and everything that is available through the Human Potential Movement during this amazing time of consciousness expanding!  Healing, coaching, spirituality and consciousness seem to be available in so many different forums that it can be hard to keep up with it all.  Kim Coleman and Veronica Runyon of make it their lives to ‘be in the know’ of the leading from the edge information, bringing it all to you in a fun and easy package.  Combining their expertise, they playfully and joyfully come together each month offering a complimentary call delivering information, tools and techniques that are beyond life enchanting and enhancing!  You will be amazed at how easy life can actually be when you finally know the “how”!!