Summer Digestive Cleanse
A 7 Day Cleanse to Revitalize Your Digestion,
Improve Your Energy and Receive More

Monday, August 16 – Sunday, August 22, 2021

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Do you want to LIGHTEN  UP with a refreshing summer recharge?

Would you like feel comfortable in your body doing fun activities with friends and family?

checkDo you have a rumbling in your belly telling you it is time to give your body a little love and attention?

checkWould you like to have more energy by improving your digestion and receive more nutrients from the food you already eat?

Are you feeling a little sluggish in the summer heat?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to REVITALIZE this summer. 

Get back to basics and optimize your body’s primary organ of

Yes, I want a refreshing summer recharge…

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Benefits You Will Receive from the Summer Cleanse

* Have more energy
* Feel Leaner and Lighter
* Reduce gas and bloating
* Clear up your skin
* Improve your ability to absorb nutrients
* Boost your immunity
* Feel healthier and happier 
* Decrease inflammation and pain

Even if you eat a healthy diet, you may still experience low energy if your body can’t DIGEST and ABSORB enough nutrients from the food you eat

“My stomach is flatter and that flabby skin on my upper arms has toned up wow!”

The cleanse was great!  I feel great and I noticed my skin looks smoother and the pores on my face seem smaller.  I lost a few pounds, which is what I was hoping to do, and I feel lighter and less bloated.  My stomach is flatter and that flabby skin on my upper arms has toned up – wow!  Never thought that would happen!
Janelle T

Why Cleanse in Summer?  

The abundance of farm fresh produce makes summer an easy time to give your body a week of loving care.

The summer harvest of water-filled and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables are just what your body needs for a gentle and soothing purification.

These enzyme rich foods of summer fluff up the villi which are like a shag rug that lines the entire small intestine so you can absorb more nutrients

This cleanse improves your DIGESTION AND ABSORPTION and invigorates your immune system.

This 7 day cleansing experience is an opportunity to quiet what is coming into your body and stimulate your systems of detoxification and elimination   You’ll feel leaner,  lighter and stronger. 

Cleansing gives you a chance to re-set your eating habits, slow down and connect to your body, mind and spirit on a deeper level.

Seasonal cleansing is a great tool to keep you traveling along the path toward optimal health. Each cleanse gets you healthier. 

This cleanse will cool and refresh your body in the hot summer
You will emerge LIGHTER and STRONGER!

Cleanse: Mon. August 16 – Sun. August 22, 2021
Everything is on the computer and phone

Pre-Cleanse Online Information Class:
Friday, August 13 @ Noon, Eastern Time (it will be recorded) 

There are many delicious satisfying foods on this cleanse; you will not be hungry.

This is a short easy whole foods cleanse that will renew and revitalize your whole body.

Cleansing is An Opportunity to Lighten-Up and Receive More

Cleansing is a time to slow down your dietary input and turn inward with a level of self-care you don’t usually have time for. It’s an opportunity to do some gentle cleansing of your inner landscape (your emotions).

Quieting down your life and diet allows to you connect with yourself on a deeper level. You will lighten up emotionally by being nicer to yourself, embracing yourself, as you are, with kindness and compassion. As a result, you’ll experience better health and more joy.      

Yes, I want to lighten up my body, mind and spirit…

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Do you have questions about the Cleanse?  Check out our FAQ by clicking here

Get rid of toxins that are making you feel tired and heavy
REVITALIZE your health NOW!

“ There is no deprivation…” 

“Once again I’ve been gently guided through a week of cleansing.  I explain to my family there is no deprivation… on the contrary there is an abundance of delicious food and all the help making it edible!!!
The daily protocol lays out the step-by-step action and following it for a week or two is simple.  The pre-cleanse discussion is so informative that it clears up any reservation/hesitation…it makes it so so simple…just having great recipes is for me the biggest hurdle to eating well…I already love the food…just needed practical ways to prepare it…and that is what you do, Ingrid!
It seems a healthy body…healthy mind go hand in hand.  It’s a process…step-by-step rearranging the habits, replacing habits, doing better with a daily practice. That’s what these cleanses do for me…they allow me to become focused and purposeful.  I discovered I’m not eating just to stay well and disease free…but because this physical body is a residing place for Being…this body is a delight and a gift for a short time. I was guided to your door…I thank you for all you do.”
Love, Wendy Laing, Washington, IA


“I lost 5 lbs, my tummy feels flatter and my puffy bags under my eyes are much smaller”

Wow, I surprised myself and did really well.  No cravings!  The food was great and I now have some new favorites.  I lost 5 lbs, my tummy feels flatter and my puffy bags under my eyes are much smaller.  Ingrid, you did a great job organizing the cleanse and responding quickly to our comments and questions.  I feel like I honored my body, a great feeling to be sure.  Will be interested in hearing the replay today to see what suggested next steps are.  Once you have started well, you want to continue!

What is INCLUDED in The 7-Day Nourishing Food Cleanse

 Over 50 Recipes of delicious foods so you can CHOOSE YOUR OWN CLEANSING ADVENTURE.

 If you prefer, there is a Complete Meal Plan, with an EXACT MENU for you to follow.

checkVegan and Paleo options

 A Daily Protocol with all the steps you need.  You’ll never be wondering what you’re supposed to do.

 checkAll the recipes can be made in 30 minutes or less

 A Live 1 Hour Training Call with information about how to MAKE THIS CLEANSE WORK FOR YOU.

Instructions for Purchase of any recommended supplements (optional).

Handouts to guide you through the cleanse.

Meditation, Tapping, and other processes to RESTORE BALANCE and RECEIVE MORE.   

   A live EFT/Tapping Session on How To Be A Good Receiver 

Private FB Group to connect with our cleansing community so you feel supported and inspired.

 24/7 Online Support to answer all your questions throughout the entire 7 days of cleansing.

 Daily Emails from me guiding and supporting you to get the most out of your cleanse.

check Final Class to learn what to do when the cleanse is over  so you know how to use what you learned to stay healthy and enjoy your wonderful life.

Seasonal cleansing is a great tool to feel joy, grace, ease and strength.

“I felt almost in a suspended state where everything seemed to come easily.”

“It was interesting to experience that after I set the intention for the cleanse I felt almost in a suspended state where everything seemed to come easily.  Not sure whether to attribute that to the synergy of the group or the intention-a combination of both?  I had no ‘monkey mind’ inner chatter about going about the cleanse, doing the yoga (although I was sore since having not done it for a while), rebounding, body brushing, tongue scraping, daily evening liver massage and castor oil pack, rebounding and daily morning meditation. At lunch break at work, I was able to eat lunch outside everyday in a lovely pastoral setting.  Found I naturally wanted to drink lots of water aside from the cider vinegar and lemon water drinks.
I felt clearer than normal and more in my power.”
Barbera Whitney

 What You Will Learn:

  • How to fire up your metabolism
  • How to connect with yourself to feel happy and at ease
  • Which foods boost your body’s ability to burn fat and increase your energy
  • Techniques to amplify your detoxification
  • How to use your breath to improve digestion
  • How to feel nourished and satisfied during the cleanse and after it’s over

Are you ready to clean out toxins this summer?

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Whether you are attracted to cleansing for weight loss or you just want to look and feel better, I welcome and support you.  If you are an experienced cleanser or are new to cleansing you’ll find your needs met with the menu plans, practices, daily guidance and support I provide.  All this is from the comfort of your home or anywhere there is an internet connection.

Cleanse: Mon, August 16 – Fri, August 22, 2021: 
Everything is on the computer and phone 
Pre-Cleanse Online Information Class:
Friday August 13@Noon, ET (it will be recorded)

Do you have questions about the Cleanse?  Check out our FAQ by clicking here

Hundreds of people have experienced such great results they
return each season  

“It truly was nourishing”                                                                                                                                                                         Ingrid, “I wanted to let you know I had such a WONDERFUL experience with this cleanse.   It truly was ” nourishing”, the name is very appropriate.  And because I am nursing, I was looking for something gentle yet effective to reset my system and offer healthy nutritious foods to my daily routine as well as easy self-care (sometimes setting an intention is all I could get to but like you said, this alone has a very powerful effect).  The recipes were DELICIOUS!  I think my greatest “aha” moment was really seeing how well my body does without any possible allergens in my food (wheat/gluten, dairy, refined sugar and processed foods).  My energy was quite stable, my digestion much less sluggish, my tongue not coated.  My intuition has always told me that my body would do better by excluding these types of foods but I never really had enough alternative options at my fingertips like it did during the cleanse.  My goal, of course, is to incorporate many of these foods and be as prepared as possible with having them on hand—this is key–so I am less likely to make poor decisions in the moment.  I would recommend this cleanse and any of your cleanses in a heart beat. You are thorough in your information and you respond quickly to any concerns or questions.  Great support overall!  My kidneys and adrenals are thanking you right now and so am I….Thank you Ingrid!  Looking forward to the LIVER CLEANSE.”                                     love/light, Kate Ballo, New York

“I have felt so incredibly satisfied and even better, not once did I feel that I was on a diet!…

“Thank you so much for the last week. It was really terrific and you have inspired me to continue on this healthy path. I felt no deprivation whatsoever. On the contrary, I cannot remember the last time I have felt so incredibly satisfied. To repeat one of your clients on your web page: Ingrid, you rock! I cannot thank you enough for your sensible, fun approach. It’s been great!”
Kirsten Schultz, Germany

The food was delicious and innovative. I loved every recipe I tried

“I enjoyed the cleanse much more than I expected. I was never hungry. The food was delicious and innovative. I loved every recipe I tried. I am going to do the cleanse again next week for five days as well, and then will try to incorporate your nutrition principles into my everyday diet, embracing the greens, the sea veggies and the fermented food. Thanks for your guidance and encouragement.”
Betsy Slocum, Rhode Island

“We are excited about the pounds we lost” 

“I want to say how much joy I got out of all the good food, the fantastic recipes, and the sense of accomplishment. My husband and I continued this week with slowly adding  some animal protein. We will definitely keep up with the shakes in the morning. We are excited about the pounds we lost, 10 for him, 5 for me (which I find unfair; after all, I did all the cooking…)

Ingrid, my husband asked me to tell you that everything was “tasty”, in fact “lip smacking good”. Thank you for another great cleanse!”   Irma Braun-Hampton, Oklahoma City, OK

I am feeling so much better and I lost 8 lbs!

Ingrid, I really enjoyed your Nourishing Foods Cleanse and the results I got! I’m feeling so much better and I lost 8 lbs.! The program is so well organized and easy to follow. I commend you on the work you have put into the design and delivery of your very comprehensive detox… it is nourishing and gentle. Just what I needed.”
Bonnie Gallup.- California

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Ingrid doing a yoga poseYour Guide Ingrid DeHart…

Ingrid DeHart has been doing the Nourishing Foods Cleanses for 11 years. As a Natural Foods Chef and Certified Nutrition Coach, she is an expert in understanding how to best nourish your body.

She is a very kind and compassionate teacher who makes cleansing very accessible. With more than a decade working with clients, Ingrid has guided hundreds of clients to feel lighter, stronger and happier again. She developed this cleanse to make it easy and affordable.

Nourishing Foods Cleanse 100% Money Back Guarantee

I stand behind my work. I want you to be happy. I am confident that when you join me, you are going to be thrilled with what you learn.

Enroll in the Nourishing Foods Cleanse, check over all the material, and listen to the live Pre-Cleanse Information Call. If you don’t feel this is right for you just send me a one-line email within 24 hours of the live call asking for your money back and I’ll give you a FULL refund. That’s 100%, back, to you. You have my word on it!