My 10 favorite dishes of 2013 are like goods friends

By December 28, 2013 Meal Planning, Recipes

Huckleberry1As 2013 ends I want to say THANK YOU for being part of this community. I love this journey we are on together.

As Ralph Wald Emerson says…

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

Since the journey never ends, we may as well enjoy ourselves along the way.

I hope I have given you some information, recipes and tools that have helped you discover new possibilities for eating healthy each day without it being a lot of effort.

I know you can have vibrant health at any age. I love seeing myself and my clients getting healthier each year. It has been an amazing year.

The dishes below are the ones I made many times this year. I like to have a repertoire of dishes I eat regularly. When I make them again and again, I feel like we become good friends. Here is why…

  • they are fun to be with (always delicious)
  • I know them very well (I can make them easily without looking at the recipe)
  • we are very comfortable together (comfort food, very satisfying).

I love friends like that. So here is my list of recipes I consider my friends this year.

Many of these dishes were created for my Nourishing Foods Cleanses which I do 4 times a year. I’m a fan of yearly, seasonal cleansing.

The truth is I tend to stray away from eating the foods that are best for my body, I am human. Cleansing brings me back into alignment with what my body really needs.

Cleansing also allows my detox organs to receive the tune-up they need to keep my body clean.  When my body has less toxins all my cells are turned on to perform optimally. Cleansing is one of the things I do religiously to ensure my optimal heath.

Some of the dishes from the cleanse are so delicious and easy to make they become regulars for many the people in the cleanse.

One member says this…

I am grateful to you Ingrid for all the scrumptious recipes. I will definitely continue with these food choices going forward.  

The Nourishing Foods Winter Cleanse Recover Your Health  is Jan 13-17, 2014.

Click here to join me and the other members of the Nourishing Foods Cleansing Community to transform your habits with simple steps that make vibrant health more exciting and real for you.

Whether you join the cleanse or not,  I look forward to our continued journey together in 2014.


 My Favorite Dishes of 2013

All these dishes are Gluten Free and Dairy Free.

BONUS: My recipe collection would not be complete without a green smoothie.  I start every day with a antioxidant, nutrient rich smoothie.  This is one of my favorites.
I hope you enjoy these recipes.
I consider these recipes my friends. I am introducing them to you.  Invite them into your home. Make them again and again, before long you will know them and love them as I do.
Happy New Year!

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