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Olive oil, so many choices…what is best for your health?

By March 12, 2012Uncategorized

There are so many olive oils available these days. So what are the healthiest olive oils? Taste is a good indication. A good quality olive oil besides tasting more delicious is also better for your health.

Virgin or extra virgin oils have not undergone any chemical treatment. These are fine to use and taste pretty good.

• If the oil does not say virgin or extra virgin it means it is refined. Chemicals have been used when making these oils which remove taste and neutralize acids making it of lesser quality. These are not the best choice, usually they are very bland.

• If the label says pure olive oil it is usually a blend of virgin and refined olive oil.

Cold pressed is when the oil is exposed to temperatures from 95-120 degrees. This decreases the yield but increases the flavor and nutritional value. This is why they usually cost more. This is the best type for your health and has the best flavor.

If your olive oil does not have flavor, then it has been overly processed, and it is most likely doing more harm than good in your body.

When a food is processed it becomes unrecognizable to our genes and our cells. When our body doesn’t recognize these processed foods so your body has to work hard removing them which often results in get sick or gaining weight.

Olive is oils good for your body when used correctly. Olive oil is made up of monosaturated fatty acids. Monounsaturated oils seem to cause less production of the bile acids in the digestive tract that promote colon cancer development. Because monounsaturated fat is more stable than polyunsaturated fat, it is less likely to generate the free radicals that create harmful blood cholesterol LDL.

However, as an unsaturated oil, olive oill will oxidize and go rancid under the right conditions. Light, air and heat cause olive oil to oxidize which can be harmful for your body and affect the flavor. Many people cook with olive oil because it is a “heart healthy” oil, but olive oil should not be used at high temperatures. When I use olive oil I always cook on low or medium low heat. If I am cooking at high heat I use coconut oil or ghee.

I also recommend to buy olive oil in dark bottles.

Store them away from the heat in tightly sealed bottles.

Fats are good for our body especially olive oil.

Good quality fats supply our body with a steady source of energy all day long. Sometimes when we feel tired we reach for sugar or coffee. Those solutions ultimately lead to fluctuations in our blood sugar and put stress on our adrenal glands. A diet with healthy fat actually stabilizes our moods and energy levels. In the Nourishing Foods Detox, April16-20, we will spend 5 days eating foods that cleanse and stabilize our system.

So go ahead enjoy eating olive oil! Know that by choosing the absolute best quality oil you are protecting and nourishing your body.


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