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These reports will show you how to get alkaline now. You can have energy, vitality and your ideal weight easily and enjoyably using alkaline nutrition, the single most effective strategy for weight loss.

What many people don’t realize is many of the foods we eat can negatively affect our body’s naturally balanced environment.

When our body’s internal environment becomes too acidic, it makes us more susceptible to illness and disease. So having an understanding of how to keep our blood in an alkaline range is essential for great health.

Ingrid DeHart is a Certified Nutrition Coach, Natural Foods Chef and the founder of Eat Well Enjoy Life Wellness. She helps women who struggle with their weight and are concerned about staying healthy especially as they get older.   Through her seasonal cleanses and signature 6-step program, Ingrid works with her clients to help them transform from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed – to  healthy, happy and glowing.  As a professional natural foods chef, she teaches them how to lose weight naturally and keep it off permanently by preparing delicious healthy meals without a lot of work.  Her clients learn tools and processes to remove underlying blocks allowing them to activate their natural repair mechanisms so they look and feel fabulous.  She believes you don’t have to be perfect to be healthy. You can be healthy while still enjoying the foods you love, just not all the time. You need a plan. Click here to set up your free 30 minute session.