Sunday Food Prep

By June 16, 2013 Meal Planning

One of the keys to eating well is planning your meals and doing a little prep on Sunday.

Every Sunday I prep food for the week to come.  At some point I will detail for you exactly how I plan for the week,  for now I’ll give you the details of what I do each week on Sunday. No matter how busy I am I take some time on Sunday to do a few things.  With this prep done, filling my body with healthy foods falls into place more easily.  My meal plan is to have 70% of my meals vegetables, 30% protein, healthy fats and low glycemic grains (or starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes). To make this happen easily, this is what I do on Sunday:

  • Prep greens.  This time of year I am picking greens from my garden so I get salad greens wash and put them into containers.  I will use these for my lunches.  I also prep some, romaine, kale and swiss chard, washed and bagged. I will use these in my morning smoothies and for my dinner vegetable sauté. I wait until I am ready to cook to cut them up..
  • Prep 2 salad dressings.  This week I am making Tahini Dressing and Asian Sunflower Seed Dressing.  I like dressings made from seeds to provide more protein and healthy fats in my salad.  I find them more satisfying that way.
  • Prep one large soup.  I freeze half for later on in the week.  Today I am making Red Lentil Dhal one of my favorites.
  • Prep vegetables for roast vegetables.  I usually make a sautéed vegetable dish and a roast or grilled vegetable dish for dinner.  When there is a variety of flavors and textures of vegetables on my dinner plate, I eat more of them.  I like to have the vegetables prepped.  Today will cut up cauliflower for Roasted Cauliflower with Cumin and wash some zucchini so they are ready to go for the evening meals.  I plan to cut up the zucchini and grill them, later on in the week. I will wait until I am ready to cook them to cut them up.  Sometimes I will prep some sweet potatoes also which I love to roast.

When I cook vegetables I make enough for 2 meals.  I will have the leftovers for either breakfast with some eggs or for lunch.

  • Roast an organic chicken.  I can then eat this for dinner when I get home late.  You can also put some chicken on your salad for lunch.  ( I generally only eat animal protein at dinner but you may want to have some for lunch too.)
  • Prep a pot of quinoa.  When the quinoa is already cooked,  all I have to do for dinner is make a few vegetables which I have washed in advance.
  • Make almond milk for my morning beverage.  These days I am drinking Dandy Blend, instead of coffee.  Here is a recipe for making almond milk.  I don’t do this every week, it depends on how much time I have.

Once you have everything ready like this on Sunday you can feel confident you will be eating delicious nutritious foods the week.


  • Linda says:

    Awesome! Thanks for sharing! I am in the process of slowly transitioning to a more whole foods diet and it is quite a challenge to find time to cook healthy meals when exclusively nursing an infant who refuses to sleep on her own (you have to gently and steadily descend her unto the bed to prevent waking her; then promptly, but gently pat her back so she does not raise their little heads like a meerkat! – LOL!!).

  • Linda says:

    I meant *HER LITTLE HEAD!!! 🙂

  • Ingrid says:

    Hi Linda,
    I am so happy to hear you are transitioning to a more whole foods diet. Eating a diet free from chemicals and processed foods benefits you and your baby. Everything you eat passes into the breat milk. Play with what you are eating to see how your baby responds, you may find foods which help her to sleep. I recommend trying a green juice, it makes the milk flow and taste really good. Thank you for letting me know my post was of benefit to you.

    Love & Hugs

  • Lynda Raven says:

    I quit eating meat because it is very acidic and also extremely hard on the kidneys which I need to work on building strong. I also stop using dairy products.

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