Tapping for weight loss

Tapping For Weight Loss and Vibrant Health


 Do you want to shed pounds and FEEL ENERGIZED?                              Do you know WHAT TO EAT and HOW to take care of yourself but          it’s JUST NOT HAPPENING?

If you want to LOSE WEIGHT and HAVE MORE ENERGY tapping is a
powerful tool to clear the blocks standing in your way.

Join our Group Tapping Sessions

Tapping For Weight Loss and Vibrant Health

 Clear issues that block you from having great health

Tapping is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence health and behavior.

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   $59 for 4 weeks 

tappingpersonStarting Wed September 9 @ 3pm Eastern Time I am leading group tapping sessions to improve your health and lose weight naturally

In these hour-long sessions we use Tapping/EFT to clear thoughts, feelings and beliefs that block you from eating the foods that make you healthy and happy 

The focus of these classes is improving your relationship with your body. It is the most important relationship in your life.  When you love your body, you take good care of it. When you believe your body loves you, you  feel supported.  

Tapping is a tool that floods your body with “feel good” hormones. 

Come to these sessions with whatever issues are up for you. I work one-on-one with everyone in the group.


If  you show up and work on whatever is  standing in your way, you get support for yourself and the whole group shares the healing experience.

We start the class tapping on common blocks I have struggled with personally. Many clients show up with these same issues.  Once we are  “warmed up” I work one-on-one with the members of the group. 

 Lets tap together to get the results you want.

 “Ingrid, I want to thank you for the amazing tapping you did on the tapping call.  I was delighted, but not surprised that the issues raised are ones that resonate with me too.  I had a few aha’s while tapping and felt wonderful at the end of the call.  Looking forward to the recording and using it again soon”      Julia, Vancouver, Canada

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Benefits of Group Tapping

checkAffordable – you get support at a fraction of the cost of private tapping

checkExpanded Awareness – participants become aware of something they weren’t consciously aware of that may be voiced by someone else

checkFun – we laugh and use humor

checkCo-Creation – it is often remarkable how issues voiced by one person affects most if not all of the participants

Time: Wednesday 3pm-4pm Eastern Time
Dates: September 9, 16, 23, 30, 
Cost: $59 for 4 weeks  

The tapping sessions will be on the phone.

Whether you have been tapping for awhile or are new to tapping these group tapping sessions will benefit you.

All classes are recorded and sent to you. It is an easy way to build a library of tapping rounds.

If you want to shed pounds and feel energized let me show you a new approach that feels good and gets results.

 Space is limited – sign up today

 $59 for 4 weeks

BONUS:  In addition to the recordings, you will receive a tapping script from each class to use at home.