Restore Your Body’s Natural Fat Burning Ability

3 Easy Steps For Better Energy, Greater Mental Clarity & Natural Weight Management

Icon - Check Mark Do you eat every few hours because you are hungry and tired?
Icon - Check Mark Do you often have cravings for sweet or salty food?
Icon - Check Mark Do you have difficulty sleeping through the night, waking up every few hours?
Icon - Check Mark Do you have trouble losing weight no matter how little you eat?

All these symptoms can be traced back to your body’s ability to burn fat.

Even if you are not overweight BURNING FAT is important for maintaining good health

Do you want to have:

          * Better energy
          * More stable moods
          * Greater mental clarity
          * Better sleep
          * Less cravings
          * Natural and permanent weight management

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Restore Your Body’s Natural Fat Burning Ability

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Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012 at 5pm ET (New York Time)

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What you eat and when you eat determines whether you burn fat or store it.

Come to the Webinar to find out:
 * Which foods burn fat so you never have to think about calories again.
* How to change your metabolism to improve your health.
 * Why it is important to burn fat even if you are thin.
*NEW way to exercise to lose fat fast and the best part is it takes
a lot less time than you think.  Even the busiest person can do this!
 * The fastest growing technique for reducing stress     


Food is more than just calories, it alo provides chemical information for your body

Losing wieght permanently is all about understanding how to raise your metabolism so your body uses fat as fuel.

If you are struggling to get a lean sexy body despite working out hard and eating a low calorie diet, come to the webinar to get the latest information on burning fat.

Learn 3 Easy steps to restore FAT AS THE ACTIVE FUEL SUPPLY for your body

In this FREE WEBINAR you will discover:

Icon - Check Mark  Why you need to burn fat to create a thriving healthy body.
Icon - Check Mark  The  foods you should avoid to burn more fat (it’s not what you think).
Icon - Check Mark  Does eating frequently help you burn more fat or is that a myth?
Icon - Check Mark  A simple yet powerful change you can make in your life which will automatically help you burn more fat.
Icon - Check Mark  The most recent research in exercise that you can do in 15 minutes and reap the benefits for hours.

Plus amazing RECIPES

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Restore Your Body’s Natrual Fat Burning Ability

Wednesday, Oct 17, 2012 at 5pm ET (New York Time)


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Ingrid DeHart
Certified Nutrition Coach
Certified Detoxification Specialist
Who is Ingrid DeHart?

Ingrid is a Certified Nutrition and Detox Coach who helps people transition to a healthier diet with little effort and big results.  She helps people discover which foods will best support their body so they look and feel great. She was a natural foods chef for 14 years with her own restaurant in NYC so she teaches the members of her programs how to create delicious meals with those foods in 30 minutes or less.

Here is what some of the members of her program say…

“Thank you so much for the cleanse last week. It was really terrific and you have inspired me to continue on this healthy path. I felt no deprivation whatsoever. On the contrary, I cannot remember the last time I have felt so incredibly satisfied and even better, not once did I feel that I was on a diet! To repeat one of your clients on your web page: Ingrid, you rock! I cannot thank you enough for your sensible, fun approach. It’s been great!”  Kirsten Schultz, Germany



“Thank you, Ingrid! What a generous woman you are! You have given us a wealth of information and so graciously and attentively supported us. I learned a lot from you about body, food and soul plus got great new, delicious and fun recipes. Most of all I had to practice loving compassion with myself. I plan to do the summer cleanse with you.” Frances Klippel, Oregon



“Ingrid, your Nourishing Foods Cleanse was phenomenal. After being sick and under the weather for months, you’ve cured me. I can truly appreciate nutrition and total body care now that I’ve felt all the positive effects (not to mention lost my little belly fat). My body will forever thank me for the changes I’m now making in the foods I eat and how I eat them. Thanks for all the attention, support and deliciously appetizing recipes that I will be using over and over again. You ROCK!”  Daniella Elghanayan, NYC