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Broccoli Ceviche

Broccoli ‘Ceviche’

  • Author: Ingrid DeHart -
  • Total Time: 15 minutes
  • Yield: 4 1x


  • 1 ½ teaspoons rice vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon celtic sea salt
  • 2 large broccoli crowns, about 1 ½ pounds, cut into bite-size florets
  • ½ cup extra virgin olive oil
  • 3 teaspoons garlic, minced, about 3 cloves
  • 2 teaspoons cumin seeds
  • 1 ½  teaspoons roasted sesame oil
  • Large pinch crushed red pepper flakes.


  1. In a large bowl, stir together the vinegar and salt. Add broccoli and toss to combine.
  2. In a large skillet, heat olive oil on medium-low until hot, don’t let it smoke.
  3. Add garlic and cumin and cook until fragrant, about 2 minutes. Don’t let the garlic brown.
  4. Stir in sesame oil and pepper flakes. Pour mixture over broccoli and toss well.
  5. Let sit for at least 1 hour at room temperature, and up to 48 hours (chill it if you want to keep it for more than 2 hours).
  6. Serve


The broccoli needs to marinate 1-2 hours.

  • Prep Time: 15
  • Category: Raw, Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Seasonal