Each season I run an easy 5-day cleanse full of delicious, nourishing, alkalizing food that detox and revitalize your body. The purpose of each cleanse is to reduce toxins and support the specific part of your body connected to the season.  The cleanses offer an opportunity to enliven, invigorate and refresh your body, mind, and spirit.  You get a helping hand to keep you feeling good physically and emotional all year long.

My cleanses are very special because, in addition to the exact foods you need to detox your body, they also include powerful transformational processes that enable you to access infinite intelligence from within for more clarity, brilliance, and creativity.  It’s not just a physical experience, it’s also an opportunity to let go of stress and experience transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

With each cleanse you will expand your culinary dexterity and repertoire of foods and transformational tools.  These foods and practices slowly but surely find their way into your life to deliver continued harmony and balance.  The benefits extend way beyond the 5 days of the cleanse.


Spring Cleanse:  Restore Your Liver 

This is the yearly liver cleanse.  Spring is the time to get rid of the insulation that naturally builds up over the winter and flush the toxins out of your system. This is accomplished by cleansing your biggest and most important detox organ: your liver.  MORE

Summer Cleanse:  Revitalize Your Small Intestine

Are you ready to shed some weight with a refreshing summer recharge?  Mop and polish your body’s primary organ of digestion and absorption.

Fall Cleanse:  Clean-Up Your Colon  & Balance
Your pH

Get ready for the cold weather by doing a deep clean up of your colon.  Removing toxins from your colon alkalizes your entire system.  Have more energy within days. More

Winter Cleanse:  Soothe Your Adrenals & Recover Your Health

Recover from the holidays by supporting your precious adrenals.  Warm and pamper yourself instead of having the winter blues. More