Are you looking to boost your vitality and make food choices that support the ever changing needs of your body.  With my guidance you can find your way to a harmonious relationship with food and your body.  My goal is to help you make small changes in how you think and what you eat so you feel healthy, energized and achieve natural permanent weight loss.
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Here are some of the programs I offer.

Group Programs

Spring Cleanse:  Restore Your Liver 

This in the yearly liver cleanse.  Spring is the time to get rid of the insulation that naturally builds up over the winter and flush the toxins out of your system with a true liver cleanse – your biggest and most important detox organ. MORE

Summer Cleanse:  Revitalize Your Small Intestine

Are you ready to shed some weight with a refreshing summer recharge?  Mop and polish your body’s primary organ of digestion and absorption.  MORE

Fall Cleanse:  Clean-Up Your Colon  & Balance Your pH

Get ready for winter by doing a deep clean up of your colon.  Alkalize your entire system.  Have more energy within days. More

Winter Cleanse:  Recover Your Health

Recover from the holidays by supporting your precious adrenals.  Warm and pamper yourself instead of having the winter blues. More 


These are easy 5-day cleanses with delicious, nourishing, alkalizing foods to comfort and renew your body. It is not just juices and smoothies.  This program is an opportunity to renew your body and restore balance in just 5 days.  Each cleanse focuses on a different organ.

In each cleanse there are mind and spirit processes to make the cleanse not just a physical experience but you give you an opportunity to experience real transformation physically emotionally and spiritually. This is my favorite part of the cleanse.  

With each cleanse you will expand your culinary dexterity and repertoire of foods and practices.  These practices slowly but surely find their way into your life to deliver continued harmony and balance.  The benefits extend way beyond just the 5 days.


Individual Programs

????????????????????????????????????????The Complete Diet Review “Breakthrough Session”

This is a 90 minute 1 on 1 session where you learn how to make a big change in your health with a small amount of coaching.

These days there is so much information about what to eat. How are you supposed to know what is right for you? For example, did you know kale might not work for your body?

If you are confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, struggling with your weight or just want to know what foods are best for you,  this session is for you.   I have spent my life studying the different dietary theories.  With my extensive knowledge I will create a specific meal plan that is right for you.

In this session we will review what you eat now, what you like to eat, your lifestyle and what your body needs to thrive. I will then create a plan based exactly on your own needs .  I will email you all the practical and easy steps associated with your diet to help you begin to establish a foundation of health for a thriving body, mind and spirit.

This program  includes recipes and eating guidelines that will get you results. This is one of my most popular programs because you get the information you need and easy steps to take without investing a lot of time or money.

Investment: $197
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Deluxe Complete Diet Review Sessions

This program is the same breakthrough consultation as above along with 2- one hour follow up sessions to support your transformation.
Having support is key to making changes.  This is a great value. 
  • You get powerful coaching to keep you moving forward (especially when you feel fear or doubt)
  • The high level of accountability and one-on-one connection with me helps you achieve your goals.
  • The the knowledge, guidance and coaching from me your Certified Nutrition Coach, provides the personal experience, qualifications and know-how to support you fully and ensure your success.
Investment: $297
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Tapping To Feel Radiant and Lose Weight

tappingpersonMany people know what to eat but still struggle.  I understand this. I struggled for years until I discovered tapping.

 I have created this program to show you how to use the most powerful tool in modern psychology, called Tapping (also known as EFT) to eliminate cravings, feelings of deprivation and self doubt while increasing motivation, self-confidence and success. You will begin to love your body any size, age or weight.  This program is inspired by the work of Jessica Ortner and her book Tapping for Weight Loss and Body Confidence.

  • Are you frustrated because you have spent valuable time and money on diets that haven’t worked?
  • Are you someone who knows what to eat and yet you keep eating the wrong stuff? 
  • Are you tired of feeling deprived of your favorite foods?
  • Is there a constant battle going on in your head between what you want to eat and the foods you know your body needs to thrive?
  • Do you eat because you are bored, anxious or stressed?

If you answered yes to any of these questions the Tapping To Feel Radiant and Lose Weight Program offers the solution you have been looking for.

In this program I teach you how to use Tapping to gently release the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that have been keeping you stuck.
  • Would you love to stop struggling with what you eat?
  • Do you want natural permanent weight loss without feeling deprived?
  • Does feeling comfortable in your body sound good to you?
  • Are you ready to find a new sense of peace around food?
What is different about this program?

In this program instead of focusing on the food, we use tapping to address the underlying feelings and beliefs that cause you to make poor food choices or overeat. With tapping you will find a new sense of peace around food.

Benefits of the Tapping To Feel Radiant and Lose Weight
  • A new way to manage food cravings
  • Reduce the stress that drives you to eat foods for comfort
  • Feel radiant and confident by clearing away negative feelings about your body
  • Discover your real needs and begin to feel satisfied.

Feelings of stress and deprivation create an overproduction of the hormone cortisol which is directly related to gaining weight especially around your belly. Even stressing about losing weight prevents you from losing weight. Feelings like pleasure and satisfaction create hormones that help you to lose weight.

What we do in this program is create the biochemistry that naturally boosts your metabolism and supports your weight loss. Tapping on the various acupressure points moves your body from stress mode to relaxation mode.  

 Could it really happen? 
It is possible and available for you now.

I help people get results when nothing else works. Working with me – someone who is professionally trained in EFT – you can quickly experience the solutions you need to achieve greater health and balance in body, mind and spirit.

Watch this amazing video from the creator of EFT Gary Craig
You deserve a life of health and ease. Commit to lasting benefits now.
 Investment: $225
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What is Health Coaching?

Health Coaching is a professional relationship to show you how to make changes in your diet and lifestyle to create extraordinary results in your health and happiness. Have you been telling yourself you want to get on the right track but are unable to do it? Do the things that used to work no long give you the results you desire? Health Coaching is an opportunity to set realistic health and wellness goals and get the support you need to accomplish them.   My skill is helping you find out what works best for you, so you will be INSPIRED, instead of feeling like you HAVE to do it. In  my Health Coaching Programs  you will get the guidance of an expert to help you to navigate the world of contradictory nutrition advice to determine what will work for YOU to reach your goals. Often when we decide to make adjustments in our lifestyle, we find resistance in our psyches and in the world around us. We may feel overwhelmed. Making sustainable lifestyle shifts are difficult to do alone. There is little support in our culture for eating differently. I am your ally. With me you  can celebrate your successes, vent your frustrations, make realistic goals, brainstorm strategies, grieve your losses, and monitor your progress. You can acknowledge the parts of your personality that support your self-care, those that don’t, and learn to work with them all skillfully. I can help you navigate challenging social and family circumstances that can undermine your efforts toward health. Coaching helps shine the light on a confusing, often unconscious process. I will help you not only look fabulous but also feel amazing on the inside. Every great athlete, politician, business person or anyone else who wants to do something great has a coach so why not one for your health? I will teach how to bring delicious nourishing foods and processes into your life so you feel healthy, energized and achieve natural permanent weight loss. My programs are unique because I don’t believe you have to suffer to heal.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t have I will provide you with solutions that fit with your lifestyle, your particular tastes and what you love.  We focus on what you can have.

If you’re curious about my services and would like to explore the possibility of our working together, sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation by contacting me at to see if working together “feels” like the right fit for you.