My journey as a food blogger started as an anorexic teenager. I was so afraid of being fat I could hardly eat. I lived in fear of my body.  Then something wonderful happened, a friend told me I could eat whole natural foods without getting fat.  I was delighted; I started eating again. This was wonderful. I became a vegetarian eating grains, tofu, beans, fruits and vegetables. Immediately I began to have more energy and felt better.

By the time I was 21 I loved natural foods so much my husband and I opened a vegetarian restaurant called Arnold’s Turtle in Greenwich Village, NYC. I enjoyed being the owner/chef there for 14 years.

Even though I was better, I still had unhealthy eating habits. Many days I didn’t eat anything except coffee until dinner. I had cravings and binged often.

I did not have a healthy relationship with food or my body. I had emotional eating problems.

I thought this is just the way it has to be. I let it go on like this for years.

Following the birth of my son my health took a downturn.  My hair started falling out and my energy was very low. Finally after months of testing, the doctor diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s and I started taking thyroid medication, which helped.

Things remained fairly stable for years until I had a major crisis. My husband and I got divorced after 35 years together and we lost our business. I had to sell my house and start over. It was a HUGE trauma for me.

With all the stress, my health suffered.
I had digestive problems, low energy, hair loss and joint pain.
I was living with pain, sadness, anger, betrayal and stress.


What did I do….?


I stared a new career, I followed my passion for healthy eating and went to nutrition school.  I studied digestive health and how it relates to, and impacts the rest of the body.  I learned how to heal the inflammation in my body.


I learned which foods enable me to maintain my natural weight, enjoy steady energy levels and have a stable mood.  

I began eating the exact foods I knew were nourishing and energizing for me.  I noticed a radical shift in my health and well being.

I discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) aka tapping. I started tapping daily.

Tapping allowed me to sit with my feelings and accept them. With tapping I was no longer afraid of my negative feelings. Tapping allowed the pain, anger and sorrow to flow through me and release. As the energy shifted I was able to open up to loving and accepting myself on a whole new level. I loved tapping so much I became a Certified EFT Practitioner.

I started meditating regularly.

The goal of meditation is to quiet your mind enabling you to connect to your true self. In meditation your body and mind release accumulated stress, fear and confusion ~ you regain your natural state of balance joy and calm. Being in this more relaxed place enabled me to open up to my own brilliance and creativity.

As I got deeper into myself with tapping and meditation I have been able to clear away some deep wounds in my psyche. These are feelings of judgment and unworthiness that contributed to me being anorexia as a teenager. Who knew all these years later I would finally be ready to heal that pain?

For as long as I can remember I had a deep longing to connect to a deeper spiritual part of myself. Now was my chance.

I began to see my challenges in a whole new way…

What if everything that shows up in our lives is there 
to guide us to a higher state of consciousness?

When you work with me, instead of looking at your symptoms as a problem, feeling like there is something wrong with you, let’s see it as something that is right with you. Your body is working correctly. Your body’s wisdom is communicating with you. It’s guiding you from where you are now to where you want to be.

It’s my mission to support you to eat nourishing foods that balance hormones, boost metabolism and reduce cravings. I will empower you to develop a loving relationship with yourself. It’s the most important relationship you’ll ever have. I teach what I know in my heart and soul and I love it.

The world of nutrition and personal transformation is ever changing. My ideas, thoughts and practices will reflect this as I continue to grow as a nutrition expert and spiritual traveler.

Using my step by step proven system clients reduce cravings and soothe inflammation while increasing satisfaction and confidence.  My clients go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed – to feeling healthy, happy and glowing. They learn a lifestyle that truly nourishes and sustains them. They feel satisfied and most importantly they enjoy their life.  Do you know eating healthy can be easy and fun?

Contact me today at for a complimentary session to find out if working together is right for you.  Explore my blog for easy, delicious, healthy recipes and powerful transformational processes.