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How Do We Let Go of Pain, Anxiety or Fatigue?

By June 19, 2021June 24th, 2021Transformational Tools
In these summer months it’s so much fun to play outside. I love swimming, kayaking and playing tennis. There are so many activities to enjoy. We want to feel relaxed, healthy and strong so we can do all these activities, right?
Unfortunately we don’t always feel that way. I know I don’t.
What can we do on those days when we are experiencing pain or anxiety or just feel really tired? 

How do we let go of pain, anxiety or fatigue?

How can we soothe ourselves when we feel doubt, disapproval or fear?
We release it by embracing it. We change by welcoming what is instead of needing to get rid of it. Awareness with curiosity will shift everything.
This may sound a bit strange but it actually changes the chemistry of our body. 
Anytime we try and get rid of something we’re in resistance and our body gets tense. The chemistry of our body goes into fight/flight which causes imbalances in our digestive system, hormones, and more. This makes us feel worse.
Accepting ourselves and feeling it’s okay to feel what we feel even if we don’t like it is  lighter and has less tension. It moves us back into the rest and restore state.  Even just 2% lighter allows better digestion, the detoxification pathways work better, soothing hormones are produced. 
Think of it like this…
Feeling crappy and hating it is a lot heavier than feeling the exact same crappiness and breathing, softening your shoulders and feeling “I’m just going to give myself some space right now.  It’s okay I feel this.” 
Sometimes I have pains in my knees or my tummy feels off or I feel anxious or afraid. 
This is the way I come into peace with it.

Process to Embrace The Way You Feel 

  • Notice what you feel in your body. Even if it’s an emotion, notice where you feel it in your body.
  • Put your hand on your heart and breathe slowly and deeply, relaxing your shoulders. 
  • I say “Hi body, I’m here, it’s okay to feel what I feel.” You can be with this experience. Let yourself have the pain, fear or doubt and love yourself exactly where you are.
  • Say “I welcome this aspect of myself.”
  • Say “Yes there is room for you here too!” and breathe 10 slow deep breaths.
  • Then say “This is what I am experiencing now and I’m open to a new possibility.”
Meeting myself with love and kindness has made a big difference in my health and happiness. I hope it does the same for you too!
Being more gentle with yourself allows your body to return to the rest and restore state. It lets your body’s wisdom emerge and allows you to heal effortlessly.
Give it a try and let me know what happens. 

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