"I'm enjoying the detox:-) I feel really good since I ate so much junk during the holidays.Recipes are delicious and I've lost 5lbs! Thanks!"

Suzanne M.

"Today I am celebrating having stuck with this detox all week. I really heard my body asking for something like this and the opportunity came at the perfect time. I have had a very bad addiction to Dt. Dr. Pepper and felt guilty about drinking that all day instead of water or eating food. Before this, I was only eating one meal a day, dinner, and maybe drinking 16 oz of water each day. The rest of the time I was filling up my body with soda and felt incredibly bloated. Sad, right! This process has really helped me LOVE my body more. It felt so good honoring it this week and not taking it for granted. I feel more in partnership with it and beyond this detox, I know that I will continue doing things differently. While I'm not quite ready to give up the Diet DP altogether, I know the importance now of moderation with the addition of more water. And since I don't usually have much of an appetite during the day, the smoothies are a perfect way of nourishing my body without necessarily having to stop and eat. I also learned a lot about the types of foods I should be including more of into my diet that will support my digestive system. I am so happy that I chose to do this and will recommend it to others.
Thanks Ingrid!"

Rhonda, Dublin, OH

"I must say that I haven't spent this much time in the kitchen since my kids were little, (my daughter is 40!) and I haven't spent this much time shopping - ever, but the food was tasty and satisfying. After the first day of headache and dizziness, I kept thinking I must be doing something wrong because I wasn't hungry. Still I lost about 5 lbs! My food shopping, cooking, and eating habits have changed forever. Thanks so much."

Marcia B, Port Gamble, Washington

"Ingrid, I really enjoyed your Nourishing Foods Detox Program and the results I got! I'm feeling so much better and I lost 8 lbs.! The program is so well organized and easy to follow. I commend you on the work you have put into the design and delivery of your very comprehensive detox...it is nourishing and gentle. Just what I needed."

Bonnie G

"Ingrid, your Nourishing Foods Detox Program for Beginners was phenomenal. After being sick and under the weather for months, you've cured me. I can truly appreciate nutrition and total body care now that I've felt all the positive effects (not to mention lost my little belly fat). My body will forever thank me for the changes I'm now making in the foods I eat and how I eat them. Thanks for all the attention, support and deliciously appetizing recipes that I will be using over and over again. You ROCK!"

Daniella E

"Before working with Ingrid I was sluggish, without energy and life force, my clothes didn’t fit comfortably and I was very depressed. After 4 sessions, I lost 8-10 pounds, had more energy and felt better than I had in a long time. When I look back at the moment I made the decision to do this for myself, I feel as though it was a decision that changed the quality of my life. I highly recommend this program."

Francine Glasser, LCSW-R

"Since I started on Ingrid's program I am losing weight and it is giving me such a positive focus, my body is thanking me daily."

Patti S., New York City, NY

"Ingrid has shown me how to eat, really enjoy my food and still lose weight... I can't believe it! I have many tools I can use every day to make these new habits easy."

Anne O., Westhampton, NY

"Ingrid helped me to change my relationship with food. I stopped drinking diet soda, taking artificial sweeteners. I love the EFT meditation techniques she thought me. This has helped to reduce my cravings. So far I have lost 8 lbs and I am planning to loose 20 -25 more.
Ingrid is extremely flexible and structures the program according to your individual needs. Ingrid cares about you and your health.
I highly recommend working with Ingrid if you are interested in health and weight loss."

Eva Braun LCSW

"This was my first experience with a cleanse/detox and a vegan diet. I am so proud of myself and so grateful to you. You were so informative, approachable, available and supportive! I learned an enormous amount by shopping and preparing the ingredients and by looking at the positive way these foods would influence my body. I was excited and amused by the changes my body experienced during this wonderful cleanse. Thanks"

Jenine, NY

Ingrid, I have been doing great with this cleansing. Yesterday I visited my rheumatologist and he looked at my hands and said, "Whose hands are these?" All the swelling was gone and the redness from my knuckles too. He was very impressed with the results in just a matter of days. It was the first time in a year that I felt encouraged about my health. So I will definitely try to continue with the clean eating as much as I can. I have gone completely organic and that has made a big difference also. Yeah! And oh yes, I have shed 6 lbs to boot! Thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you.


I just wanted to express my gratitude for another wonderful cleansing experience. Each one brings me closer to the cleaner, healthier me I am striving to become. Without your support and loving holistic approach, I would not have come so far in such a short period. Thank you


I have enjoyed a considerably improved diet since the last cleanse (my second, so the info and recipes "stuck w/ me" more than the first time around)--and I lost a couple inches of unhealthy belly fat around my middle over the summer (yay!). I'm looking forward to this new cleanse and how it will help me regain lost discipline and take on new levels of "eating for health (rather than "comfort" or addiction).


My husband and I have been very successful so far. I reached my weight goal and he lost over 60 lbs and still has more to go but this weeks cleanse should get him back on the road. We've been following the sample menu this time which is very easy and the recipes are delicious


Just LOVED the recipes. Have lost 5 lbs. The whole experience was very positive and I feel I have turned a corner in my eating habits. Thank you so much Ingrid. You have a very kind and generous heart and you are appreciated. This is a treat. Honestly I feel so high. Thanks for this experience. Really! Big Hug


Hi Ingrid, Thank you so much for your recipes, guidance, and encouragement. The recipes were wonderful and will be used often. As far as my 5 days- there were 2 days of feeling swollen with joint soreness, but since yesterday afternoon- I have felt better, with more energy and feeling of positiveness and wellness. I am very glad that I stuck through it, and have learned a lot from you- and from all of our experiences.


Wow, I surprised myself and did really well. No cravings! The food was great and I now have some new favorites. I lost 5 lbs, my tummy feels flatter and my puffy bags under my eyes are much smaller. Ingrid, you did a great job organizing the cleanse and responding quicly to our comments and questions. I feel like I honored my body, a great feeling to be sure. Once you have started well, you want to continue!