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Holistic Health Coaching

The intention of my blog is to provide information that inspires you to eat well, feel good and enjoy your wonderful life. However, I understand how you eat and what you think is highly personal. Sometimes you need individualized guidance and support to make changes.

In order to help you explore a relationship with food and your body that is specific to your needs, I offer one-on-one holistic health coaching.

The goal isn’t to eat a ‘perfect’ diet but rather to create health in your body and peace in your mind so you can enjoy your wonderful life. The thoughts you think, how you move, your sleep and what you eat determines your health. You can be healthy and happy when you find the right balance.

Holistic health coaching is a professional relationship to show you how to make simple changes in what you eat, how you think, move and sleep so you feel your best. Every great athlete, politician, business person or anyone who wants to do expand their life has a coach, so why not one for your health and happiness?

As your holistic health coach, I will guide you to create healthy habits that serve you for life. Together we discover which foods are best for your body, what exercise makes you feel good and how to release stress. I help you establish an agenda, create actionable goals, address obstacles, and keep you on track.

In my work with clients, I emphasize the formation of new and healthful eating patterns. I promote good digestive health for physical and emotional well-being.   I encourage my clients to make healthy food choices while accentuating self-love and self-care to form new eating and thinking patterns that become a natural part of their life.

The results are natural weight loss, improved digestion, better moods, and body confidence.
You’ll love the way you look.

Food is important but often there are underlying thoughts and beliefs that keep you from achieving your health goals.   I think it’s important to use a body and mind approach to create vibrant health. The body, mind, and spirit work together. We need to nurture it all in order to live a happy, healthy life.

I provide recipes, tools, and processes that balance hormones, boost metabolism and connect you to your inner guidance. You’ll learn how to have a loving relationship with yourself. It’s the most important relationship in your life.

My holistic health coaching shows you how to get into alignment with your body so you eat the foods you love and love the foods that make you feel good.

Being in alignment means spending time each day in a state of joy and appreciation. Gratitude is more than an attitude or mood – it’s a powerful vibration in your mind-body system that leads to increased physical and psychological well-being. Grateful thoughts don’t just stay in your mind, messenger molecules instantly transform their effect to the body’s 100 trillion cells, creating better communication, better health and balance. EVERY GRATEFUL MOMENT MAKES YOU HEALTHIER.

You are out of alignment when you eat something and feel guilty. You are also out of alignment when you feel deprived. As your holistic health coach, I will guide you to find the peace you desire around food. You’ll start loving and appreciating your body and you’ll be nicer to yourself. It’s one of the keys to health, happiness, and freedom.

I know from experience how hard making changes can be, which is why I am able to support you from a place of compassion and understanding. I have a lot of professional and personal experience that enables me to support you every step of the way as you become your best self ever.

Think you might be interested? I offer a free 30-minute consultation to find out if working together feels right for you. Please email me at [email protected] to schedule.