Nutritional CleansingEach season I run an easy 5-day nutritional cleansing program full of delicious, nourishing, alkalizing food to detox and revitalize your body. The purpose of each cleanse is to reduce toxins and support the specific part of your body connected to the season.  The cleanses offer an opportunity to enliven, invigorate and refresh your body, mind, and spirit.  Seasonal cleansing is a tool to keep you feeling good physically and mentally all year long.

Nutritional cleansing is not a diet, not deprivation, not fasting.

It is eating in a way that helps you eliminate toxins that naturally accumulate in your body. Unfortunately, a huge amount of toxins come into your body each day externally and internally. Externally, you get toxins from the environment and food, and internally when your own body creates toxins from free radicals, intestinal bacteria, parasites, excess hormones and more.

The purpose of nutritional cleansing is to rid the body of the toxins that have built up in your system. At the same time, it’s meant to improve your body’s ability to handle and dispose of toxins during the cleanse and more importantly after the cleanse is over. Your body is designed to remove toxins naturally when your organs are working well.

You can’t feel good or maintain your natural weight if your cells and organs are clogged with waste.

Cellular cleanliness is what you need to ensure lasting health and beauty.

Ridding your body of toxins helps you age gracefully. This is what a cleanse is all about.

In the Nourishing Foods nutritional cleanses you stop taking in foods that are harder to digest as well as foods you may be allergic or sensitive to. You take out foods such as sugar, wheat, dairy, coffee and alcohol.   These foods are harder to digest and can set off immune and inflammatory responses throughout the entire system.

Simultaneously I provide recipes with the exact foods you need each season to improve your elimination, flush toxins and restore your system.

These changes allow your body’s natural detoxification machinery which may be overburdened or compromised to recover and begin to function efficiently again.

As a result, you will increase the absorption of nutrients from the food you eat during the program and afterward. You will restore your organs and glands so they begin to function more efficiently again. This enables you to effortlessly drop fat, have more energy, eliminate bloating/gas, decrease pain and improve your mood by cleaning out toxins that have built up in your system.

 Nutritional cleansing is a vacation for your internal organs so
they can relax, 
reset and renew. 

My cleanses are very special because, in addition to the exact foods you need to detox your body, they also include powerful transformational processes that enable you to access infinite intelligence from within for more clarity, brilliance, and creativity.  It’s not just a physical experience, it’s also an opportunity to let go of stress and experience transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

With each cleanse you will expand your culinary dexterity and repertoire of foods and transformational tools.  These foods and practices slowly but surely find their way into your life to deliver continued harmony and balance.  The benefits extend way beyond the 5 days of the cleanse.