Fall Marketplace 

For the Fall Colon Cleanse I recommend specific supplements and other products that will help you in the process of releasing toxins, renewing your mind-body system, and creating a lifestyle that will nurture your health now and for years to come.

To make it easy for you to gather your supplies, I have created this list of recommended products. You can purchase all of them online or from your local health food store.

All the supplements are optional.  You will have a deeper cleanse using them but if you follow the protocol without them you will still have a great cleanse.


Ghee has been lauded as an essential superfood with dozens of health benefits, including promoting a healthy digestive tract, decreasing inflammation, reducing the risk of heart disease, and cleansing negative emotional toxins. It is recommended that you have 2 teaspoons of ghee in the morning each day of the cleanse.  If you are vegan, instead of ghee you can use flaxseed oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, or a blend of oils like Udo’s Oil.

  • Melt ghee in a pot over low heat
  • Drink on an empty stomach
  • Wait ½ hour before drinking or eating anything so that the ghee has time to collect toxins.

Gelatin/Collagen is concentrated Bone Broth. It is high in protein and very healing for the digestive system. It is NOT a vegan product. It helps heal intestinal permeability (“leaky gut”), restoring the normal mucosal layer in the gut. Collagen may help improve skin elasticity and reduce roughness and skin aging. Collagen supplements improve arthritis pain and generally benefit bone and joint health. Add collagen to soups, smoothies, chia pudding and porridge for additional protein and healing. It is recommended to have 1 scoop of collagen with Chamomile Peppermint tea in the evening. If you’re strictly vegan leave it out.

Sunwarrior Warrior Blend Protein Powder is a unique, raw, plant based protein with a complete amino acid profile, exceptionally high in Glutamine, Arginine, Lysine, Luecine, and branch chain amino acids.  An easily- digestible, nutrient-dense, superfood. Get this if you want additional vegan protein in your smoothies.

Triphala (sometimes spelled Trifala) is a traditional Ayurvedic formula that tones and supports the normal function of the bowels.  As a part of the Fall Colon Cleanse, you will take 2 capsules every evening of your Cleanse.

It supports bowel tone, muscular function, and contractibility of the intestinal wall, thereby supporting healthy digestion, assimilation, and elimination. Triphala also helps maintain the balance of mucus lining the intestinal wall, which soothes the digestive tract and buffers against strong digestive acids. While Triphala is not a laxative, it has provided many with healthy elimination support.

The Triphala above from Amazon is a good brand if you are ordering other items from Amazon.
Another good brand is Triphala is from Life Spa.  Here is the link.


Probiotic (optional)

Choose 1 probiotic (optional)

Gut Pro is a very powerful probiotic. If you take probiotics now or have taken probiotics in the past get this one.   Click here for more information about it. Gut pro capsules To order click on this link and scroll down to the Gut Pro probiotic capsules.

Or choose Dr Ohirra’s Professional Formula Probiotic, a very effective, yet milder probiotic.  If you have never taken a probiotic get this one.

If you decide to get the probiotic take 1 with breakfast and 1 with dinner.


If you don’t have time to make bone broth I recommend of these companies. They use grass-fed bones and organic ingredients. They are available online and in some stores.


CCF Tea – Cumin Coriander Fennel

Mild and pleasant tasting  CCF tea is known for its many healing benefits.
It is recommended to drink 1 1/2 cups throughout the day.

The spices cumin, coriander, and fennel can be purchased at any health foods store.  If you want to buy them already mixed here is a link to purchase tea bags 

This versatile tea is created for its curative properties.  It reduces inflammation and is often used as an aid during the detox process. By reducing inflammation and rebalancing the gut, the tea supports the removal of toxins from the liver, kidneys, and pancreas.  A healthier gut aids in better digestion, and, weight loss, as well as improving the absorption of nutrients, and mental clarity.

Chamomile Peppermint Tea

Chamomile Peppermint tea at the end of the day relaxes your body and soothes your tummy. It is recommended to drink a cup in the evening before bed. 

Coffee Alternatives

Choose the one you like if you want to have a morning latte (optional).

Yerba MatteYerba Mate contains nearly 200 active chemical compounds, including numerous vitamins and minerals, and 15 amino acids. Yerba Mate contains a lot less caffeine than coffee (about half), and does have xanthine’s, theobromine and theophylline. These are stimulants without any side effects like jitters, upset stomach, and stress or anxiety. Yerba Mate is a great substitute for your morning coffee drink, but also a great addition to your daily diet.

Teeccino  – Caffeine-free Herbal Coffee (tee CHEE no) is a delicious blend of herbs, grains, fruits and nuts that are roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Coffee lovers are attracted to Teeccino’s full-bodied, dark roasted flavor and its nutritious health benefits.

Matcha Green Tea – An antioxidant rich tea with polyphenols that promote heart health and healthy weight. It is a powdered tea. The health benefits of matcha tea exceed those of steeped green tea because when you drink matcha you ingest the whole leaf, not just the brewed water.

Roasted Dandelion Root TeaDandelion root is one of the highest sources of the prebiotic fiber inulin which helps keep our friendly gut bacteria flourishing. Its bitter taste stimulates digestion and supports your body’s natural detoxification process. It’s the perfect tea for everyday wellness!



Kitchen Supplies

Body Care Products

We are doing an Ayurvedic Oil Massage each day in the shower.  Sesame oil (above) or coconut oil are good options.  If you would like an oil infused with herbs to penetrate your skin, order this Tri-Doshic Massage Oil from Life Spa.

massage oil