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Sometimes we know what to do but “things” get in the way. This is where I come in.  I can help you to stop struggling with what you eat. With my guidance you can find your way to a healthier life. We will find out what your unique needs are for food, sleep, supplements and movement. I will teach how to bring nourishing foods and processes into your life so you feel healthy, energized and achieve natural permanent weight loss.

My programs are unique because I don’t believe you have to suffer to heal.  Instead of focusing on what you can’t have I will provide you with solutions that fit with your lifestyle, your particular tastes and what you love.

In all of my programs I use a POWERFUL combination:

  • Learning how to create delicious healthy meals that easily fit into your life.
  • Using EFT to uncover your specific mental and emotional challenges to losing weight and keeping it off.

My skill is helping you find out what works best for you, so you will be INSPIRED to eat well, instead of feeling like you HAVE to do it.

I understand that people like choices so I have developed different programs to meet different needs.  Here are some of the packages/programs that I offer:

Here are some of the packages programs I offer.

Individual Programs

Restore Your Health Quick Start Program

This 6 week program is designed to support you to jumpstart weight loss, have more energy, reduce food cravings, improve your digestion and enjoy more restful sleep.  You begin with a private 5-day guided Nourishing Foods Cleanse to begin the process.

Additional benefits:  Learn how to simplify and incorporate healthy eating habits into your life.  Enjoy a 1-week whole foods based cleanse to gently cleanse your body.

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Restore Your Health Diet and Lifestyle Program

This is a 4 session program for people who want to ease into transitioning to a healthier diet.  It is designed to support you in losing weight, increasing your energy, reducing your food cravings, improving your digestion and enjoy more restful sleep.  It is similar to the Restore Your Health Quick Start program but without the cleanse. It  can be spread out over 8 weeks to allow you to make changes slowly.   

Additional benefits:  Learn how to transition your diet.  Simplify and incorporate healthy eating habits into your life.

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The Complete Diet Review “Breakthrough Session”

This is a 90 minute 1 on 1 session where you will learn how you can make a big change in your health with just a small amount of coaching.

If you are confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, struggling with your weight or just want to know how you can eat a healthier diet without it taking up a lot of time, you are going to want to do this session.

In this session we will review what you eat now, what you like to eat, your lifestyle and what your body needs to thrive.

I will then create a plan just for you.  I will email you all the practical and easy steps associated with your diet to help you begin to establish a foundation of health for a thriving body, mind and spirit. This will include recipes and eating guidelines you will be able to use for months.

This is one of my most popular programs because you get the information you need and easy steps to take without investing a lot of time or money.  Click Here for more information.


Group Programs

I run a 5-day seasonal group cleanse 4x a year, one for each season.  In this cleanse you will be removing foods which may be hard to digest, acidic or inflammatory so your organs don’t have to work so hard.  At the same time you will be adding foods that will nourish you, enable you to improve your elimination, relax your system and balance your blood sugar and pH levels.  This cleanse is a vacation for your internal organs so they can relax, reset and renew.  You will emerge from the cleanse leaner, lighter and more energized.

A gentle nourishing cleanse is the easiest and most effective way to to come back into balance fast.  This program is an opportunity to renew your body and restore balance in just 5 days.  Each cleanse focuses on a different organ.  This is an easy 5-day cleanse with delicious, nourishing, alkalizing foods to comfort and renew your body.

Additional Benefits:  With each cleanse you will expand your culinary dexterity and repertoire of foods and practices.  These practices slowly but surely find their way into your life to deliver continued harmony and balance.  The benefits extend way beyond just these 5 days.

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