Ingrid Yoga Sri LankaHi, I’m Ingrid.

Welcome to my blog of delicious, healthy, EASY TO MAKE recipes and simple transformational processes to live a happy, healthy life.

I avoid processed foods, eat only consciously raised animal products and love vegan dishes. In order to heal I have stayed away from gluten for many years. My recipes are all gluten free.

Using whole foods and tools like meditation, tapping, yoga and deep breathing, I healed myself from anorexia and interstitial cystitis. I continue my journey to heal Hashimoto’s with foods that support my digestive system and thoughts that connect me to the guidance of my inner being. 

My food journey began when I was a teenager. I struggled with anorexia and felt unattractive for many years. I look back and describe myself as a “FAT PERSON HIDING IN A SKINNY PERSON’S BODY”. I was so afraid of being fat I could hardly eat. I lived in fear of my body.   Then something wonderful happened, a friend told me I could eat whole natural foods without getting fat.  I was delighted; I started eating again. This was wonderful and started my healing journey. I became a vegetarian eating grains, tofu, beans, fruits and vegetables.I immediately began to have more energy and felt a little calmer.

When I was 18, I was introduced to Jane Roberts and her Seth classes to “create your own reality”.  My friends and I went to Elmira every week to hear Seth speak.   What a great way to start my spiritual journey.

When I got married a few years later, my husband and I loved natural foods so much, we opened up our own vegetarian restaurant called Arnold’s Turtle in Greenwich Village, NYC. I had  fun as the owner/chef there for 14 years.   Even though I was better, my food issues were still a problem.  I had cravings and digestive issues.  Unfortunately, some of the so called “healthy foods” like soy, wheat and cheese weren’t the best thing for me.  In addition, many days I didn’t eat anything except coffee until dinner and I even binged at times. Clearly I still had emotional eating problems. I thought this is just the way it has to be; I was eating a pretty good diet after all. Fortunately my husband modeled “normal” eating for me. He didn’t have issues around food. Seeing how he ate helped me balance out my crazy eating habits.

Following the birth of my son things took a downturn.  My hair started falling out and I my energy was very low. Finally after months of testing, the doctor diagnosed me with Hashimoto’s and I started taking thyroid medication, which definitely helped.

With the medication things remained fairly stable for years until I had a major crisis. My husband and I got divorced and we lost our business after 35 years. I had to sell my house and start over. It was a HUGE trauma for me. With all the stress, my health suffered. I had gas and bloating, low energy, hair loss , joint pains and I developed interstitial cystitis.

I knew needed tools to deal with the  pain, sadness, anger and stress I was experiencing. This is when I found tapping and began meditating daily. Tapping allowed me to sit with my feelings and accept them. With tapping didn’t have to be afraid of my negative feelings. I used tapping to allow my feelings to flow through me and release enabling me to open up to something more positive. Meditation has connected me to my inner guidance.  As I got deeper into myself with tapping and meditation I have been able to clear away some deep wounds in my psyche. These are feelings of judgment and unworthiness that contributed to me being anorexia as a teenager. Who knew all these years later I would finally be ready to heal that pain.

To start a new career, I followed my passion for healthy eating and went to nutrition school.  I studied digestive health and how it relates to, and impacts the rest of the body.  I cut out certain foods including dairy and gluten that were inflaming my body.  I began eating the exact foods I knew were nourishing and energizing for me.  I noticed a radical shift in my health and wellbeing. With the spiritual work and nutritional upgrade I began to heal. I started to feel more balanced, my digestion improved, I had more energy and my hair grew stronger. I healed my interstitial cystitis. But best of all I started to find peace in my body. Even though I have more healing to do, my body and I are now in a loving relationship.  I love my body and my body loves me.

My journey has shown me food is only part of the process of creating vibrant health. If we want to create lasting changes in our health,  in addition to eating healthy foods we need to cultivate nourishing thoughts and feeling.

It is my mission to support women to eat nourishing foods and love their body, any size, age or weight. I teach what I know in my heart and soul and I love it. I can help you live your healthiest life, enjoy simple and delicious food, and give you the tools you need to nourish your mind and spirit.

The world of nutrition and personal transformation is ever changing. My ideas, thoughts and practices will reflect this as I continue to grow as a nutrition expert and spiritual seeker.

What ever level of support you need, whether it’s recipes from the blog, seasonal group cleansing, or 1-on-1 transformational and/or nutrition coaching, my goal is for you to find peace and well being here at Eat Well Enjoy Life.