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Why It Is Important To Cleanse Your Colon

These days you hear so much about cleanses. The Nourishing Foods Fall Cleanse to clean up your colon and colon2balance you pH is coming up soon! Why am  I suggesting you do a colon cleanse this fall?  Shouldn’t our colon be able to take care of a itself?

Here’s why. Throughout our lives we sometimes consume food that is hard to digest, fried food, processed foods, pizza, you get the idea.

When the food sits undigested in your colon fermentation occurs resulting in gas, bloating and often more serious digestive problems like IBS. It is like a bag of food sitting in the hot sun. You can image how gross that gets.

When we don’t properly digest, waste matter builds up in the digestive system clogging the cells, tissues and pathways there. As we get older more of these toxins build up in the intestines.  This waste gets baked onto the intestinal wall (because your body is at 98.6).

As a result of this baked on fermenting food  the protective barrier of good bacteria is compromised by these toxins further preventing good digestion from occurring.

The average 30 year old American can have 10-15 lbs of hardened fecal matter caked along the sides of their bowel. Ugh! This has a direct effect on your weight and energy as well as your acid levels which will affect every organ in your body.

If we don’t clean out this mess we are unable to get nutrients as well as important minerals like calcium, magnesium, iron , zinc, copper from our food into our cells.  It is critical for our health that this final stage of digestion work efficiently, otherwise we can become toxic, acidic or even malnourished even if we are eating the best diets.

This is why we cleanse.  This is what this cleanse is all about.  Once you remove these toxins you digest better. You get more minerals and nutrients from your food.  As you remove the acidic toxins your pH levels come back into balance. The result is you have more energy and natural permanent weight loss.

By cleansing your colon now, you will be less likely to gain weight over the holiday even if you eat a little extra.  

In the Nourishing Foods Fall Cleansewe take out all of the hard to digest and inflammatory foods and bring in lots of delicious, nourishing easy to digest foods.  As a result you will shed years of built up toxins.

This cleanse is your chance to clean up, clean out and improve your digestion in just 5 days.

Nourishing Foods Fall Cleanse Clean-up Your Colon Balance Your pH Mon. Oct 27 – Fri. Oct 31

Everything is on the computer and phone. I support you every step of the way.  Get more information and sign up today. 

Jenine,  Warwick NY says…
I am absolutely amazed at how great I feel and look on the final day of this cleanse. It’s one of those things you just don’t want to ever end. We did it, yeah for all of us.
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FAQ to see if this cleanse is right for you.

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