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Biking and The Beach in Vietnam

By February 11, 2013Travel

The biking trip from Dalat to Mui Ne was one of the most exhilirating things I have ever done, 30 miles  OMG!  It is a good thing most of it was downhill or flat, if there was any more uphill I would have had to stop.  Biking through the countryside and villages gives a more intimate look at the people and their life than when in a car.  We drove through herds of cattle and goats, past many farms and villages where  the children in the villages waved to us.  It was my birthday on that day, a great gift I will always tresure.  Here are more pictures.

Here I am standing next to a vegetable which looks like an extremely long zucchini.  I have seen it in the market and I think they put it in the Pho (Vietnamese Soup) which I have been eating for breakfast each morning. It is a staple at all the hotels as part of the buffet. The breakfast buffets have been great with so many wonderful fruits, mango, papaya, passion fruit, mangosteen, banana and pineapple.   I do have to use some will power to not eat all the breads and pastries available, it is not easy but with all the other choices I have been doing pretty good.

We arrived at the beach in  Mui Ne where we have a beautiful beachfront cottage.  The big activity here is Kite Surfing.  You can see them doing it in the pictures below which are taken from my porch and from the beach in front of the cottage.

One of my favorite things to eat has been the Spring Rolls.  It is served raw and cooked, so fresh, full of vegetables and/or seafood for me.  I don’t really like pork. We did some sightseeing here too.  Below are the vats used to make the fish sauce which is popular in Vietnamese cooking .


I did some yoga while at the Cham Temples and at the White Sand Dunes

Next stop we fly to historical Hoi An and Hui in Central Vietnam for more sightseeing.  I have my cooking class scheduled there too! I am really looking forward to creating some new dishes when I return.   Post a comment if you like, as I am getting a little homesick.  Love to all!

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  • Kirsten says:

    Thank you so much for these posts, Ingrid! They make my feet a little itchy. It’s been ages since I’ve been anywhere exotic. Can’t wait to hear about your cooking class – I’ve been successively whipping up all the recipes from the winter cleanse and I cannot praise them enough. I have to thank you again for helping me to rediscover the joy of cooking!

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