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Eating Tips To Transition Into Spring With Grace and Ease

By March 22, 2016June 3rd, 2024Nutrition Information

spring flower-rain pixSpring is officially here in the Northern Hemisphere but the weather is still in transition. This time of year it may be cold and snowy one day and then delightfully warm and sunny the next day. This fluctuation can make it challenging to stay healthy. Spring is also a very wet season with all the rains and melting snow. The earth holds onto more moisture and so do we. This can make congestion a problem which is why spring is allergy season. Today I want to talk about how to support your body as winter fades away and we bounce into spring.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and transformation from the hibernation and stillness of winter.

As the energy of spring increases your appetite may already begin to lessen. This is your body’s natural urge to cleanse itself.

After a cold winter and months of eating foods higher in fat and protein our body turns toward the lighter foods of spring. These foods are designed to remove mucus and fat from our intestines and liver. The foods of spring naturally restore our liver. The liver is in charge of constant renewal and cleansing of the body’s toxins, hormones, nutrients, blood and more.

spring-flowers pixSpring is natures fat-burning season. This season gives us a natural opportunity to boost our body’s fat burning ability. As we eat lighter low fat and low carbohydrate foods our body turns toward it’s own fat for energy . This is good since fat is our body’s preferred source of fuel. Fat is way more efficient and long lasting than fuel from sugar or carbohydrates.   Sugar is quickly depleted in the body leaving us tired with cravings and extra weight.  If we give our body a chance to burn off the winter fat we set ourselves up to be a good fat burner for the rest of the year.

The first tender greens of spring cleanse the body from the heavier foods we ate during the winter. Your body is craving these tender greens.

Other foods ready for harvest in the spring are bitter roots like dandelion, burdock, ginger and turmeric. These roots help cleanse the liver, move bile and scrub the mucus off of the wall of our intestines.

woman animation angryIn addition to cleansing the excess food residues of winter it is natural for us to cleanse the emotions of anger, impatience and frustration. Supporting our body with the lighter fare of spring helps us process these emotions.


To get the health benefits nature provides this season and to feel your connection to the earth consider the following transition into spring eating tips. The spring foods are nature’s antidote to the accumulation of water and congestion. By following these tips you will make the transition with grace and ease.

Eating Tips To Transition Into Spring With Grace and Ease

spring-rain-and-narcissusesEat according to the weather.

On the cold days follow your natural desire to eat warmer bean, chicken and root vegetable dishes. (carrots, sweet potatoes, turnips).   On the warmer days switch to lighter meals like salads and cooked leafy greens or light brothy soups

MicrogreensAdd in young plants and fresh baby greens.

This includes sprouts, wheat grass and other microgreens. I personally love pea sprouts, broccoli sprouts and sunflower sprouts. Scientific research now proves that these tiny seedlings harvested and eaten when they are just a few inches tall are a real superfood packed with antioxidants and other health-promoting nutrients. They are best eaten raw.

Click here to get a kit to grow sprouts at home.

Emphasize all types of fresh greens.

Arugula, asparagus, beets, turnips, peas or pea greens, spinach, lettuce and artichokes.   Greens are full of health giving properties. They are full of vitamins, minerals, fiber and powerful bioflavonoids. They are low-caloric nutrient dense food.

kalesaute2Eat lots of cooked vegetables.

Since the weather is just warming up, cook most of your vegetables. Kale, swiss chard, spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage have a naturally high bile acid binding capacity in the raw form but studies show there is a significantly higher quantity of bile acid binding capacity after the foods are steamed.

cilantroFlavor your dishes with green leafy herbs.

Herbs are full of natural therapeutic compounds with distinctive healing qualities and remarkable flavor. Include parsley, cilantro, dill and mint.   Cilantro is a powerful detoxifier of heavy metals and parsley is a natural diuretic which flushes out toxins.

Eat smaller portions.

Listen to your body’s natural desire to lighten up by eating less. The natural fat metabolism that is occurring in spring decreases cravings, hunger and appetite in order to reset fat burning, start detoxing and lose any extra pounds carried over from winter.

Bonus Tip: Eat a light dinner of just soup or steamed vegetables one or two days a week to give your body a greater opportunity to detox.

           dandelion root    Turmeric dreamstime    Ginger Tea

Boost your immune system with spring roots.

Roots like ginger, turmeric, burdock and dandelion scrub the intestinal track from any mucus and toxins. The intestinal mucosa is responsible for 80% of the body’s immunity. Use fresh ginger and turmeric to flavor your dishes. Make transitional teas from ginger, turmeric or dandelion root. I especially enjoy dandelion root tea in the spring. It is a powerful detoxifying agent, liver cleanser and weight loss aid. It is available in health food stores or click here to order online.

flax seedIncrease your fiber with flax.

As your body is naturally detoxing in the spring, it is essential to eat enough fiber to cleanse toxins out of the colon and improve digestive strength.   Flax is one of the oldest fiber crops in the world. It is rich in essential fatty acids and has natural laxative qualities. Add freshly ground flax seeds to your smoothie. Be sure you drink plenty of water when eating flax.

Reduce your intake of gluten and dairy 

These foods tend to be harder to digest. Also wheat is traditionally not harvested in the spring and cows and goats naturally need their milk to feed their babies.

blueberriesEat berries and cherries.

They are the antioxidants and lymphatic movers of spring.

walking2Move your body to cleanse the lymph system.

Having a healthy lymphatic system is critical for your health. The lymph system is your body’s sewer system. Your heart pumps your blood but your lymph system needs muscular movement to keep the fluids moving. Go outside and dance, walk, bike or any activity you enjoy.   My favorite lymph moving exercise is rebounding. Click here to read more about it.

Liberate your emotions.

Spring is the time to express your emotions in a healthy and safe manner. Suppressed feelings of frustration, rage and anger disrupt the liver energy and suppresses liver function. Take the time to get quiet and journal or tap about your feelings. I personally like to do a lot of tapping in the spring to get in touch with the powerful emotion of anger and get it unstuck.

banner cleanse

Consider a spring cleanse.

Join us for the Nourishing Foods Spring Cleanse. I gently guide and support you with amazing recipes and mouth watering meal plans to clean out the winter congestion, give your liver some love and gently release stuck emotions. You will lose the winter weight and get rid of toxins from your entire body, mind and spirit. We even have a live tapping class to release anger from the liver.

 You will get immediate results and be LEAN, LIGHT and ENERGIZED.  You will also set your body up to facilitate fat burning, natural weight loss, stable moods and renewed energy for the entire year.  Click here for the details and to sign up.

Until next time, have a fantastic day and enjoy the information above.  Please leave a comment on the blog.  I always love hearing about your health journey and your thoughts and feedback on making your own delicious food at home.
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