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Gratitude Starts with Seeing Your Magic

By November 16, 2018Law of Attraction

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday it’s a great time to enhance the the magical power of gratitude.

Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday. We get together and eat a huge feast of delicious food.  What could be better? We engage all of our senses, seeing the beautiful dishes, smelling the incredible aromas, tasting the different flavors and textures.

Appreciating every bite enhances our pleasure.

As we get together with family and friends for the big feast we have the opportunity to love and appreciate each person’s unique quality.  I think of it as seeing their light.

But, we all have parts of ourselves we don’t like.  And there are also parts of our family and friends we don’t like.  This is normal.

I have discovered when I stop looking for the flaws in me, and instead look for my magic it’s easier to appreciate the wonderful qualities of others.

We don’t need more self-help, we need more self-love.

If you go around feeling like there is something wrong with you, that needs to be fixed it’s hard to see the beauty and miracles around you.

There are things to love and appreciate everywhere but when you’re focused on what’s wrong, you don’t see them because your filter is set to look for flaws.   You’re not on the frequency that allows you to see them.

Think of it like this, the Universe is sending out a vibration like the signal from a radio station.  It’s the energy of happiness, appreciation and satisfaction.  It’s playing on 101FM.  If we’re feeling unhappy, angry or afraid, if we’re judging ourselves or anyone else, we’re not tuned to that frequency, we can’t pick up the signal.  We’re tuned to 88AM.  101FM is there, it’s available but we can’t hear it, we can’t receive it because we’re tuned to a different frequency.

By noticing things that give us joy and appreciation, we tune into that high vibration. Then we see more wonderful things to appreciate. Spending time appreciating ourselves and others creates a better world.

“Gratitude is like a magnet; the more grateful you are, the more you’ll receive to be grateful for.”  ~ Iyanla Vanzant

It’s time to let go of looking for what’s wrong with you and your life. Start by seeing how wonderful you are.  Notice and appreciate the beauty and magnificence in your life.  That is our sole purpose.

Every moment whether you know it or not, you’re contributing to the collective consciousness. Your thoughts and emotions create an energy field around you. It’s putting out an electromagnetic charge that either creates more misery and sorrow or beams a new story of light and love.  The world needs your vibration to ward off the more prevalent story of lack and limitation.

I am suggesting there is nothing more important you can ever do for yourself,
your family, your health, your friends and your planet
than get on the frequency of joy and gratitude.

It starts with loving and appreciating yourself and your magnificent life, right now however it looks.

You may say “how can I appreciate myself when I have all these issues” or “how can I appreciate my life when there are so many problems?”  I’m not suggesting you don’t have problems or issues, what I’m saying is take your attention off of them and look at everything that is going well.

The magnificence is already there, you just have to put your attention on it.

Thanksgiving is a day for gratitude.

Here are a few things I’m appreciating this Thanksgiving…

The Earth -I appreciate the abundance of food, water, air and sunlight our planet provides.

Relationships – I love thinking about all the people involved in getting our Thanksgiving meal to us; the farmers, the packagers, the truckers, the store clerks, I love and appreciate them all.

My Body – I am grateful for everything my body does for me.  My body allows me to see the beautiful food, enjoy the delicious tastes, fragrant aromas, and interesting textures of the food I eat.  It also digests and does thousands of processes to keep me alive without me having to think about it. WOW!

My Home – It’s a place to lay my head each night. It’s where I keep my things together to use and enjoy. It shelters me keeping me safe and warm.

My Family and Friends – I am grateful for the people in my life I love and love me.  Even if sometimes our closest relationships can be challenging, I love it all.

I’m grateful for you being part of this beautiful community of heart-centered individuals, creating an energy of joy, health, well-being, and love in the world!

By cultivating a grateful mind, we live in an energy that unifies and
encourages wholeness. 

When we live on the gratitude frequency we can step back and allow our life to unfold with ease and grace.

While Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks, it is our intention to notice and appreciate things that are beautiful, fun, delicious and satisfying all day, every day.  

When we do, we’re happier and healthier.  We’re doing our part to make this a better world.  That’s the power of gratitude, it’s amazing.

If you want a few tips and processes to enhance your gratitude experience, read my post on the Magical Power of Gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Much love,


  • Bindu says:

    Such lovely words….food for soul. Thank you Ingrid.

  • Jetana says:

    Thank you, Ingrid, for this beautifully clear statement about the power of gratitude. Gratitude literally saves my life when I get stuck in recurring dysfunctional depression. And I believe gratitude is one of the keys that will lift me out of this bipolar cycle.

    Even though I’ve been working (playing!) with, and teaching gratitude practices for years, several of your suggested practices are enticing me to try some new approaches. Thanks!

    • Ingrid DeHart says:

      Hi Jetana,
      Nice to hear from you. I’m glad my post is helpful. Gratitude is one of my keys to staying peaceful and balanced even when life shows up with things that are challenging. Remember to be kind to yourself however you’re feeling. Your Inner Being never stops loving you even if you’re feeling depressed.
      Thanks for leaving a comment. I always love hearing from you.

  • Great read! I am aware of how important gratitude is and often try to get into the habit of writing a gratitude journal every morning but I end up missing a few days in a row then stopping altogether. Your list of gratitude really inspired me to get back to the habit of writing thank you letters to the universe again.

  • Great read! I am aware of how important gratitude is and often try to get into the habit of writing a gratitude journal every morning but I end up missing a few days in a row then stopping altogether. Your list of gratitude really inspired me to get back to the habit of writing thank you letters to the universe again.

    • Ingrid says:

      Thank you Khushboo I’m glad my post inspired you. It sounds like you’re doing well with your gratitude journal. Every day you write in it celebrate how great your are for doing it. When you don’t do it just let that go. Judging yourself up does not help. I am grateful to hear from you!

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