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How ANGER enhances our feeling of WORTH

By August 16, 2012Mind Body Tools

This is a really great post from Margaret Lynch , who is one of the best EFT teachers  and success coaches I know.  Anger is such an important issue to play with  Here Margaret show us how to use anger to help us.  I loved it so much I wanted to share it with all of you.  Please try the tapping script she has given us,  I have used it already and it is POWERFUL.  When we feel worthy we take better care of ourselves and are inspired to eat the foods that best support our body.


Did You Know …?

Anger is the key to owning more of your power and having more abundance manifest in your life!  WHAT???  Well, first we have to have a whole new understanding of anger!

So here it is…

I just LOVE anger in Law of Attraction work! 

Now, why would anyone love anger?

Because for a conscious person, the feeling of anger is an important messenger! 

Anger tells us so much about how we are really feeling AND about what weare creating via the law of attraction.

And tapping for your anger will truly lead you to the biggest breakthroughs!

First you have to understand why we get angry.  I can tell you exactly why you have been angry every time in your life.  It was because something seemed UNFAIR to either you or someone you love.

Anger is always a sense of unfairness and it always feels justified.  Yes, even when we feel guilty about carrying the anger, there’s that little voice that says…

“But, I am right!”

Many well-meaning people tell us not to be angry, to”get over it” and often we are told we are “supposed to forgive”.

That sounds good, but it’s not that easy to really let go and forgive while anger is still stuck.  This is why we can tell the same story to 10 people and get worked up each time.

It is especially difficult to let go of anger when the person treating us unfairly isn’t sorry or when it feels like we have no power in the situation.

If you let it speak,your anger is always saying “this feels so unfair, I was wronged!”  Try changing the word from anger to outrage and be outraged for yourself…and start tapping and voicing it! 

Outrage is a big rising energy that will move and release and fill you with the readiness to make a change!

This is raw, lifeforce energy that will remind you of something very important that Ifind FANTASTIC!

If you are willing to tap and“rant”, in that tirade of voicing “this is unfair”, thenext sentence is logically, “and I deserve better!”  This is thegood stuff! 

Your anger is reminding you that YOU DESERVE BETTER!

So when we tap on anger we honor the anger becausetruly it is honoring us!  It is the part of you that truly and congruently believes you deserve better!  

This part is not often heard over the Inner Critic that always says,“I don’t deserve yet, cause I am not perfect!”

And btw, it feels pretty great to just really rant and complain loudly, for once, while knowing that the tapping is actually clearing and healing!  Not only will your anger come down and bring a feeling of empowerment, but your inner feeling of deservingwill skyrocket!

A phenomenon I see all the time with tapping and voicing anger is that someone who has played it small or can’tset boundaries, will come to a new level of feeling worthy and deserving. 

Suddenly, they will find themselves moreannoyed at the negative people or situations in their life! 

That’s how we know it is working!  The crappy things in their life that they used to accept suddenly set off some angerthat says, “HEY, I deserve better!”  And with that rise inenergy, they can set a boundary, make a change, take step up!


When we honor and raise ourdeserving, the universe will respond instantly and deliver to us newresults in our life that agree with our new higher level ofdeserving. 

It does not wait! 

Honor andmove anger and miracles occur, new evidence shows up that resonateswith your new higher level of deserving. 

I LOVE that kind of evidence!

So I LOVE ANGER because it points us SOclearly in the direction of how to massively increase our abundance!

We all know exactly what we are angry about, what feels unfair to us, and now we know the HUGE upside of honoring thatoutrage for ourselves and moving beyond it.

And it’s not justme!  According to my fiancé Rhys Thomas, of the RhysThomas Institute of Energy Medicine, anger is considered the most important emotion in the eastern philosophies because it frees theself from feeling stuck! 

Rhys says, “Anger properlychanneled is the energy to transform your life.”  Wow,that is a new angle…and I couldn’t AGREE more! 

Soget out there and tap and RANT on that anger and everything thatfeels unfair!  Really give yourself permission to let itrip!  As the anger moves and clears,  you will feel a morebalanced perspective. 

Now  you can ask yourself this important question, “What is all this anger calling me to do in my life right now?” 

Just as importantly,notice how much energy is flowing through your body due to all thatanger-tapping. 

This is the energy you need to put your foot down or set boundary or take a huge step up – to take the action you need to take to transform your life!



(see some safe Tapping for anger below)

  I Seriously Need to Tap On …

How about some anger tapping to move that energy and step into deserving andempowerment?  Apologizing in advance for the rude language, butit really does move anger better, so I recommend to add curse words as needed…particularly your favorite ones! 

Think of something in your life right now that feels unfair to you and say out loud, “it’s sounfair!  I am angry!”

Start by tapping the K-choppoint:

“Even though I try to be positive and deal, the truth is, this is so unfair to me and I deserve better!”

“Eventhough I don’t like to get angry or be angry, I really ampis$ed about this!  It really stinks!”

“Even though I am agood, kind, loving person, I am also really enraged and outraged about it!”

Continue tapping through any of the tapping points:

It feels kind of good to say it!

I am ripping mad

And I should be

This is really unfair

It really does su’ck!

SCREW this!

I hatethis!

I hate how I never get to win in this

I hate always being pushed

I am so angry

This really is so unfair

And I really do deserve better

Anger is notpretty

But I am just going to honor it

I honor this anger

I honor this big energy

And most of all, Ihonor me!

Because no one else is honoring me

No one else understands

No one is outraged for me!

I reallydo deserve better

My anger is reminding of that

And I totally honor that!

My anger is calling me to honor myself

My anger is bringing my energy up

Instead of pushing itdown

As I honor my anger

It can be validated andreleased

And I deserve to be validated!

Now, admitit, that kind of felt good to let out, didn’t it?  As your anger comes down a bit, ask yourself …what is your anger calling you to do? 

What is the call to action in your anger,because this is important!

Let’s do a positive round:

Start by tapping the K-chop point:

Even thoughI am still angry, I am seeing something important here !

Even though I think of anger as bad, I really feel my energymoving!

Even though I value compassion and forgiveness, Ican first honor my outrage and anger!

Continue tapping throughany of the tapping points:

I have felt so disempowered bythis

It feels much lighter

The situation feels much calmer

And I am seeing a bigger picture

A biggercalling

I do deserve better

And I am open to takingsome action around this

Because I am being called to dosomething here

Maybe I need to set a boundary

Maybe Ineed to speak up

Maybe I need to ask for what I want

Maybe I need to say “NO!” to something

Maybe it is something that is a bit hard for me

But I have heard myselfvoice

how angry it makes me

When I feel disempowered

So I am open now to honoring  my anger

By taking some thoughtful action

Some real action, bigor small

That honors me and still honors others

It is time to put my foot down

Time to make a change!


Thank you Margaret for sharing this will us!


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