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Tap Away Holiday Eating Anxiety

By December 8, 2015June 3rd, 2024Mind Body Tools, Tapping
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The holidays are a time to celebrate, so many parties where we are surrounded by food we wouldn’t normally eat. This can lead to a lot of stress. For me eating a few special holiday treats over the holiday is part of the enjoyment.

I give myself permission to gain a few pounds over the holiday to take off the pressure. Feeling guilty only makes me eat more.

Stress and guilt are toxic. When you are stressed it is harder to digest your food.

When stressed your body produces cortisol. It is called the weight gaining drug. Stress causes your body to go into fight or flight mode, as if you are being chased by a tiger. Digestion stops, you can’t digest food when you have to run or fight that tiger. These days we are not being chased by tigers but anything causing you stress releases cortisol into your system and shuts down digestion. In addition cortisol sends sugar and fat into your bloodstream for your muscles to use to get away. This excess sugar then gets stored as fat.

Tapping reduces cortisol and you metabolize your food better. Don’t’ eat guilt, eat food. Enjoy it, give yourself the freedom to have what you want but eat it mindfully. Notice how you are feeling when you are eating. Enjoy every bite.  Experience the taste, smell and texture of the food.  How you feel affects your metabolism. If you are panicked, distressed or shameful you can’t metabolize your food well. If you are loving it you will metabolize it fully.

Tapping reduces stress and moves you away from blame and shame. Tapping helps keep you present in your body while you eat.

Here is a tapping script I put together for myself to stay centered when there are so many treats available during holiday. Use this tapping script before you go to a party or anytime you feel anxious about the food around you.

If you are new to tapping CLICK HERE for the Tapping Points

Tap Away Holiday Eating Anxiety

Start by taking 3 deep breaths to get centered and grounded

 Karate Chop Point

Even though I am afraid I will eat too much at this party and be angry with myself I love and accept myself with compassion
Even though I want to enjoy the food at this party, I am afraid I will lose control, eat too much and feel guilty about it the next day
Even though I have anxiety about overeating and getting fat over the holiday, I choose to treat myself with love and compassion not matter what happens.

Tapping Trough the Points

I am afraid I will eat too much
I feel stressed
I want to eat the foods I love
But what if I lose control
I am afraid I will get fat
I am afraid I will feel guilty
What if I eat too much
I will beat myself up

I will feel so ashamed
What if I can’t stop
All of this fear and anxiety
I am afraid of this mean voice in my head
Judging and criticizing me
All of this stress
Preventing me from enjoying the holiday
I am just going to honor these feelings

I choose to love myself what ever I eat
I do not have to beat myself up
I choose to be kind to myself
It is my choice how I talk to myself
I let go of feeling guilty
I let go of shame
I put my hand on my heart
Breath love into my heart

It is time to let go of this mean voice
I can say stop
You are hurting me
I don’t have to listen to you any more
I intend to enjoy every bite
I choose to eat mindfully
Savoring all the flavors, textures and aromas
I slow down and experience the food joyfully

I enjoy the people around me
Opening my heart to giving and receiving love
I feel calm and relaxed
I feel pleasure and satisfaction
I breath deeply and trust myself
I stay centered in my body
I am free to enjoy the holiday
I feel relaxed as I open my heart to myself.

Now that you feel more relaxed go out and enjoy yourself.

Let me know how this tapping script works for you. Leave me a comment below.

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