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Are Toxins Causing You To Have Belly Fat?

By March 30, 2016March 27th, 2018Nutrition Information

bellyfatMany of my clients ask me “How can I lose fat from my belly, it doesn’t seem to budge no matter what I do?”

This is a problem I too have been dealing with, especially as I get older. I understand it can be difficult. You see over the years the toxins build up in our body and our digestive system weakens. This is one of the reasons I do seasonal cleansing – to restore my ability to digest and detoxify.

When you hear ads about slimming a particular area of your body it really is just a gimmick. Your body loses fat in its own way. There isn’t a specific way to control where you are going to lose the fat. (Sorry!)

What you can do is begin to get rid of the toxins that are being stored in your fat cells.

Our bodies continuously detoxify but in our modern age, our bodies simply cannot keep up with the constant daily barrage of environmental and dietary toxins.

There have been 80,000 chemicals introduced into our world since the industrial revolution. They can interfere with your metabolism and cause weight gain even when you eat a healthy diet.

Many of these toxins are fat soluble. If your body can’t eliminate the toxins, they wind up getting stored in your fat cells. It surrounds the toxins with fat to protect you.

When you have too many toxins building up in your body they get stored as fat, especially belly fat.

 What are some of the places toxins come into our lives?

  • pesticides in produce
  • hormones from meat
  • plastic drinking bottles
  • phthalates and parabens in skin and hair care products
  • solvents from cleaning supplies
  • chemicals that leak into our water supplies

LiverbileYour liver is responsible for getting rid of these toxins. It is the most important organ in your body for eliminating toxins.

The liver is your almighty organ of detoxification.

It’s working overtime to help you sort the pure from the impure. Yet the liver is one of your body’s major multi-taskers. As a modern day woman you know about multi-tasking. Just like you, your liver is trying to keep pace with modern-day life.   It has much to do.

Let’s take a peek at the many tasks for your liver. . .

  • It produces and secretes bile to aid in the digestion of fats
  • It manages your carbohydrate metabolism, converting excess glucose for storage and later use, and secreting it as needed
  • It’s involved in hormonal regulation, breaking down and discarding excess circulating hormones
  • It filters the blood, scanning for toxins, destroying and disposing of them
And this is why I love to cleanse my liver!

It’s like sending one of my most dynamic organs to a spa, to kick-back, take a break and get some tender loving care.

Luckily Spring is liver cleansing time.
It’s time to welcome the deep detox that the season calls for.
It’s time to give your liver a little loving!

We have an amazing body that can handle all these toxins as long as our organs are working well. Cleansing gives our body a chance to restore its organs so we continue to be good digesters and detoxifiers.

As I said the liver is the organ responsible for removing these toxins from our body.  But if our liver is overworked or congested it can’t do its job properly.  This is why it is important to do a liver cleanse.

Cleansing the liver isn’t something I do once.

It’s something I do once a year!

Reserve your spot for The Nourishing Foods Spring Natural Liver Cleanse, scheduled for the week of April 23 and join me in paying some due respect to your liver.

But first here is an herb you can use right now to support your liver function.


Revitalizing Cilantro

It looks similar to parsley but cilantro leaves tend to be flatter, softer and lighter in color. They have a distinctive aromatic flavor. It is the fresh leafy herbs of the coriander plant. The seeds are usually referred to as coriander and the leaves cilantro.

  • Cilantro is a detoxifier It effectively mobilizes heavy metals such as mercury and aluminum out of the bloodstream. (Aim for 2 tablespoons per day.)  The mechanism of action is pretty cool here. The chemical compounds in cilantro actually bind to the heavy metals, loosen them from the tissues, blood and organs, and transport the harmful substances out of the body through elimination. 

Additional Health Benefits of Cilantro

  • Improves digestion The oils in cilantro help our digestive system. It helps reduce gas which is why it is used in many Mexican bean dishes. It produces digestive enzymes, soothes stomach pain, reduces bloating and stimulates the peristalsis that keeps food moving through our gastrointestinal tract.
  • Controls Cholesterol Cilantro is a natural cholesterol regulating agent – helping to lower the LDL “bad” cholesterol and raise the HDL “good” cholesterol by stimulating the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids in the liver. At the same time, it improves the digestion of fat.
  • Anti-inflammatory  You can reduce the pain and symptoms of inflammation with cilantro. Cilantro contains two specific compounds known as cineole and linoleic acid that possess anti-arthritic and anti-rheumatic properties.
  • Kills harmful bacteria – The essential oils of cilantro are considered to have antifungal and antibacterial properties. Cilantro contains a substance known as dodecenal that is twice as powerful as the antibiotic drug gentamicin at fighting infection and eradicating harmful microbes from the body.
I highly recommend you take advantage of this “natural chelation treatment” to remove heavy metals from your body.  All it takes is adding a small quantity of cilantro to your diet daily, for two or three weeks.

Uses for Cilantro:

The active components in cilantro are fragile and heat will destroy the chelating agents. Therefore to get the most out of this remarkable herb it is recommended that it be eaten raw.

  • You can add a handful of fresh cilantro to a salad.
  • It adds a refreshing flavor to any Indian curry or Thai vegetable dish.
  • Add it to all your Mexican dishes, salsa, guacamole, tacos and beans.
  • Throw some cilantro into your next smoothie. Here is a nice smoothie: peeled grapefruit, apple, cilantro, romaine, lime, vanilla and a little liquid stevia or raw honey.

Spring is the ideal time to cleanse and release those excess toxins and fat stores.

I invite you to join us to give your liver a tune-up in the upcoming 

Nourishing Foods Spring Natural Liver Cleanse
 April 23 through April 27. 2018

Are you aware of your toxic load in these toxic times?

The good news is that you can DO something about it. You’ve got the power!

Get ready to cleanse your liver with LOVE!

Sign-up now to secure your spot.

You need to take special care of your liver in the spring

The Nourishing Foods Natural Liver Cleanse promises to deliver a gentle healing cleanse.

Plus it always helps to have hand-holding, support, yummy recipes and accountability right at your fingertips.

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