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Boost Your Immune System Tip #3 – How to Keep Your Pipes Clean

By September 1, 2011May 8th, 2015Nutrition Information, Recipes, Salads, Video

This tip is I encourage everyone to eat salad before any cooked food at your meal.
The fiber and enzymes in the raw vegetables escort the more dense food through the body quickly    so you have less     toxins building up in your intestines.
By salad I mean one thing RAW VEGETABLES not all that other stuff from the salad bar.
Raw vegetables and fruits act as detoxifier for the whole body, starting with the intestines.

Fiber sweeps the surface of the intestines pulling out metabolic wastes and other dumped poisons.
The fiber content of plants absorbs toxins away from the tissue of the body. Fiber is the broom that sweeps up the mess It is not just food it’s a detoxifier.

To make it easy to have salads prepare dressings in advance.  When you prepare your own dressings you know they are free from chemicals.

I recommend using Olive oil, flax oil or hemp oil rather then other vegetable oils.  Once a week usually on Sunday I make one or 2 dressings to have on hand. Check the Recipe tab for more choices. Using oil is fine but also try a few dressings without oil, they ARE healthier. You can use raw tahini, cashews or avocado.
I have posted a Cilantro Lime dressing recipe below. It is made with blended cashews instead of oil, it’s creamy and delicious.

How do you get yourself to want to eat more salad. Well knowing the benefits of adding more raw green salads into your diet might inspire you
Eating more raw green salads has the potential to help you:
– Overcome cravings and addictions of all kinds
– Reach your ideal weight
– Feel so energetic that you’ll literally jump out of bed in the morning!
– Prevent and heal dental problems

And to inspire you more here are a few nutrition facts about raw greens vegetables:
– Raw Greens contain more vitamin A than carrots
– Raw Greens contain more vitamin C than oranges
– Raw Greens contain more vitamin B2 than milk
– Raw Greens contain proteins

But there’s something even more important.  Raw greens provide essential alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium that are found in insufficient quantities in other foods. To get this you need a good variety of green vegetables not just romaine.  Try arugula, kale, fennel, celery   Experiment to see what you like.

Don’t force yourself to eat more greens if you don’t like them! This will make you hate it. Instead, let your body’s hunger for greens come back naturally, by slowly incorporating more greens in your diet in the form of green smoothies or try blended salads espeically if they tend to give you gas.  Many people blend their salads for easier digestion and to enhance absorption.   Below is a recipe for a blended salad.

I hope this information will inspire you to become a healthier happier you.

Cilantro Lime Dressing

I often like to make salad dressing without any oil and instead use nuts or seed which provide protein, fat and fiber. Here I use cashews instead of oil.

Vegan, Paleo, Gluten Free                                    PRINT RECIPE

4 servings

½ cup cashews soaked for 4 hours or overnight
¼ cup lime juice (you can use lemon juice )
1 cup cilantro, chopped
¼ tsp cayenne
½ tsp Celtic Sea salt
1 Tb shallots, minced
1 small clove garlic, minced
¼ – ½ cup water to blend
Pinch of stevia

  • In a blender, blend all ingredients starting with ¼ cup of water, adding more as needed.
  • Store in a covered jar in the refrigerator. This will keep about 5 days.
Blended Salad

2 servings

2 tomatoes
½ cucumber (peel if not organic)
1 avocado
2 stalks celery
6 leaves romaine, spinach, kale or other non bitter green vegetable
2 Tb lemon juice or Braggs apple cider vinegar
Celtic Sea Salt to taste
½ tsp thyme
¼ tsp oregano

If you have a Vitamix you can put everything in at once in medium chunks
If you are using a standard blender cut everything into small chunks.  Begin to blend. Start with the tomatoes and cucumbers. Add the rest gradually so you don’t clog the blender.  Blend until you have the consistency you like.  I like a little bit of texture.   Taste, adjust seasonings and enjoy!


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