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Greetings from India

By February 5, 2012October 12th, 2022Travel

India is great! Here I am having fun at the Taj Mahal. Awesome is the only way to describe it.  Magical too, it is so much better than you can even imagine….

indiOn my birthday we went to Bukhara in Delhi.  Here I am with the chef who invited me to see his kitchen, I felt honored.  Bukhara is considered Delhi’s best restaurant, this rustic place serves Northwest, Frontier-style cuisine.  All their lamb and chicken come from local farms, the animals are feed a natural diet and graze freely.  It’s tandoor and dhal are particularly renowned.  Clinton and Obama have eaten here. The food was spectacular.

In India ghee is used in many dishes.  I have written a blog post to explain what it is and it’s health benefits. I have included a recipe for making ghee at home.


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