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How Can I Love Myself More?

By September 13, 2022July 7th, 2024Law of Attraction, Mind Body Tools

Over the last few months I’ve thought a lot about self love. I’ve asked “How can I love myself more?” It’s a common question I get from my clients too! Below I talk about an easy way to open up to more self love. Watch the video or read. 


Why is it good to love ourselves?

First, it feels good. Loving yourself feels so much better than judging yourself or feeling you’re not good enough. It’s actually easier to make changes when we love ourselves.

When we love ourselves, we feel calmer, our body is in the rest and restore state, our hormones are in balance so heath and healing occur naturally

When we love ourselves, we are inspired to eat the foods that make us feel good, we want to move our body and do fun exercise. We sleep better because we feel calmer and more relaxed. We’re more resilient when challenges come up because we trust ourselves.

How do we love ourselves more?  

What I often hear (from myself and my clients) is how can I love myself when I’m not the way I want to be? I’m not thin enough, rich enough, healthy enough.

The easiest way to love yourself is to play in the energy of love

 Love is an energetic frequency.  So instead of trying to love yourself, we can get into the vibration of love by loving others.

Since we’re energetic beings, science has proven this, the energy of love is the same whether you love yourself or someone else.

So instead of trying to love yourself, think about people you love, it could be your spouse, your child or grandchild. It could be an actor or famous person you love. It could be your cat or dog. It doesn’t matter as long as it gives you that warm open feeling of love in your heart.

My Experience 

A few years ago when I was struggling, I was in such a negative place I couldn’t think of anything I loved.  But I knew it was key to my healing.  I looked around and noticed I loved my car. It was always there for me, really comfortable, I loved it.  That got me started.  Then I was able to love my computer, my favorite pen, my morning coffee. Soon I was able to feel love for my friends and myself.

 It doesn’t matter what you love, it’s a frequency. Playing in the energy of love makes you feel good.

When you spend time in the feeling of love you’ll soon discover you love yourself more. You’ll be kinder and more gentle with yourself and others.

Louise Hay says:

“You have been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.”

Play in the energy of love and notice how much better you feel about yourself.  Notice how much healthier you feel.

It’s made me healthier and happier and I hope it does the same for you. 

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