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How To Eat Healthy During A Move

By October 10, 2017May 22nd, 2024Nutritional Information

Since I’ve been away in Italy enjoying delicious food and exploration,  here is a guest post from the people at  Moving can be very stressful and eating well helps keep you in balance. In this article, they give some great tips on How To Eat Healthy During A Move.  
Each year over five million people move houses in the USA. If you’re among them, then you are familiar with the whole ordeal.
Changing addresses isn’t an easy thing to do. It is a stressful process which sometimes takes weeks and often months to prepare and complete. Usually, it begins with looking up different things such as “top Miami real estate opportunities“ and then exploring your future home. But, it ends with you emptying the whole refrigerator out and worrying about meals. And, especially in the last few days before the move, the trouble of not ordering in or dining out arrives. So, if you want to keep eating healthy, even during this stressful period, here are a few tips.

Good Food is Everywhere

If you’re one of those who are moving out of state you will probably find yourself worrying in such fashion. Leaving your current neighborhood and home means that you will need to find a new circle of healthy food restaurants and farmer’s markets. Luckily, good food tends to be everywhere, only with a little local twist. Two of the most popular destinations for migration tend to be Miami and New York. If you’re moving to the latter, you’ll be surprised by the number of good spots where you can eat well throughout NYC. And if you’re moving to the Capital of Latin America, should we even mention it? If you’re going to learn how to eat like Miamians after moving to the best-known city in Florida you’re definitely going to be heading to a number of healthy restaurants. With websites such as Yelp leading the way, you’ll have no trouble finding a great spot to eat at after your relocation. But, what about those makeshift meals before the move?

Tips on having healthy meals while preparing for a move

You remember grabbing a sandwich somewhere along the way as you’re rushing from one task to another during a busy work day? Don’t allow your relocation to drive you into fast food and ordering in. Instead, prepare well and be ready to eat healthy during a move. A good start is following these tips…

  • If you want to have healthy meals during a move, start with a solid plan

The most important question to answer here is how far away is your move? Sure, cleaning out your pantry and fridge are tasks on your moving checklist. But, how soon do they really have to be done? The easiest way to keep using your usual recipes is by calculating just how soon you will need to start packing these two spots. So, if your move is a few weeks out, it’s time to start using up the perishables. If you still have a few months, don’t worry about the pantry too much yet. When you get to the last few weeks, though, the best advice is to create a small meal plan. It can be flexible, but all menu items should be fairly simple to cook. The most important thing is that you don’t need to buy too many extra ingredients during this time.

  • Packing can often be the bane of cooking good food

Have you ever had the experience of packing for a trip in a hurry? It’s messy, stressful and you usually forget plenty of things. Not to mention that you often end up ordering a pizza or cooking a quick pasta meal from the can at the end of this ordeal. Well, packing for a move is different. It won’t take a day or two and it will definitely be more stressful than preparing a single suitcase. So, this won’t mean just that one order from your fast food place. To prevent that, be sure to take account of just how much time you will need to get ready. Here’s a tip: always add an hour or more to your packing time in the moving plan. This way, you will certainly be able to prepare a healthy meal, despite the chaos of fitting everything you own into boxes.

  • Asking for a bit of help makes a move easier for everyone

Whether you are using a professional moving company to help your pack and relocate or completing this whole feat yourself, a little help can be both fun and useful. It’s a good idea to invite your neighbors, friends or family to help you with sorting through your belongings and getting ready. They will provide both extra hands and the necessary laughter to relieve the stress of moving. Don’t forget to take some time and spend it with your friends whom you will be leaving behind when you move. For their help, you could repay them by having some good food together and perhaps offering them one of the items in pristine condition which you won’t be taking with you to your new home? Surely, with an extra set of hands, the preparations for the relocation will go by quicker and you will be able to have more time left for your healthy eating habits. Choose any of the recipes which you’ve learned on this website and your meal will be both enjoyable and good for you.

There are ways which you can eat healthy during a move, too

Sure, cooking at home is the best. You are in your element and have exactly what you need at your disposal. However, during a move there are exigent circumstances. You won’t have the comfort and convenience of your kitchen, but this doesn’t mean that you can’t keep eating healthy. There are a number of foods which you can take with you on the road that will keep. Here are some suggestions:

  • Fruits – there are a number which travel well. Apples, grapes, oranges, and pears are among the best picks which will stay fresh even as you’re moving from one home to another.
  • Vegetables – carrots, bell peppers, celery, and snap peas can be packed and sealed and taken on the road.
  • Salads – just be sure to keep your dressing separate, so they don’t become soggy. Use olive oil, not vegetable oil in your dressings.
  • Hummus – will keep well on the road. With a gluten free crackers or vegetables, it will make a perfect healthy breakfast during a move.
  • Free Range Hard-boiled eggs – will be able to hold for a while in a container.
  • Pre-cooked and chilled meats – Free Range turkey, chicken, and wild salmon – will be great for a balanced and healthy meal on the road.

I hope you enjoy the article. Even if you’re not moving these tips help you to eat healthy food when you’re busy.

Much love,

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