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Peace for Good Health and A Better World

By December 31, 2021June 3rd, 2024Law of Attraction, Mind Body Tools

My desire for 2022 is for all of us to spend more time in the energy of peace. Being at peace is better for our health and our world. 

We are vibrational beings and when we feel peace in our heart and mind we emanate peace out into our world. We bring peace to the people we encounter every day. We bring peace to the world.

When you’re in a state of peace your body is in the rest and digest mode which allows renewal, restoration and healing to occur naturally. When you’re at peace, (in the rest and digest mode), blood sugar is stable, digestion is strong, hormones are balanced, detoxification pathways are operating optimally and you feel good. 

It also allows the genes for disease to get turned off and the genes for cellular repair and vitality to get activated and turned on so your body can do more things with ease.  

Our body is designed to spend most of its time in the rest and digest mode. Feeling peaceful allows renewal, restoration and healing to occur naturally.

How do you find more peace?

What I’ve learned is accepting where I am as I am is more peaceful than resisting what is happening.
I spent a lot of time these last few months in pain and feeling anxious. I was in fight/flight a lot of the time. What has helped me shift to more peace (rest/digest) is accepting myself and feeling it’s okay to feel upset in pain even if I don’t like it. Because feeling crappy and hating it is a lot heavier than feeling the exact same crappy and giving myself space to let it be okay. Embracing what is happening as it is with love and compassion for myself opens up a tiny bit of ease and feels better.
A simple way to do this. Take a deep breath, relax your shoulders as you exhale. Take 3-10 deep breaths with your attention on the inhale and the exhale, noticing how your breath moves through your body. This increases awareness of what is happening in your body. It automatically brings your body out of fight/flight into rest/digest. Even just a little lightness of acceptance, breathing and softening makes a big difference. You are present in your body with what is, opening your heart to yourself with love and compassion.
I use this practice regularly. It allows me to feel less stress and more peaceful no matter what is going on in my life or the world.
In the Nourishing Foods Winter Adrenal Cleanse we will bring peace to body, mind and spirit. We’ll soothe ourselves with delicious nourishing foods, and gentle breathing so by the end of the cleanse we feel lighter, calmer and more peaceful. Click here to find out more and sign up.
I would love for you to join us to find peace for yourself for better health and so we can all bring more peace into our world.
Happy New Year!

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