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Use Fermented Vegetables To Get Fewer Colds & Boost Immunity

By October 27, 2011May 27th, 2024Nutrition Information

Fermented vegetables help provide your immune system with the tools it needs by keeping your digestive system “gut” healthy.  The immune system works directly with your gut.  Your gut is where everything gets into your body. It is the doorway to your health.

You need to have good intestinal flora to keep your digestion working properly.  I love fermented vegetables because they are so powerful in helping your digestive system do the work needed to keep your immune system strong.

It has been shown that between 70% and 80% of the cells that make up your immune system are in your gut. By rebuilding your digestive system with friendly bacteria you are potentially eliminating the root cause of many health problems.

What exactly are fermented vegetables?  Fermented vegetables are vegetables that are broken down with bacteria to release, nutrients, amino acids, vitamins and more.  Fermented vegetables are ones that have been cut or shredded and left for several days or longer at room temperature to ferment.  This lets the lactobacilli and enzymes that are naturally present on the vegetables grow quickly.  The result is an enzyme rich, mineral-rich, super food that aids digestion, eliminates toxins and restores or maintains a healthy inner ecosystem.

There are 3 types of bacteria in the digestive tract, hostile, beneficial and neutral.  The beneficial ones called microflora break down your food to make it more easily absorbed. This is what we call digestion. When they metabolize they release B vitamins and amino acids that are great for the immune system.  A high concentration of friendly bacteria greatly improves your absorption of nutrients, transit time and plays a vital role in breaking up waste that has accumulated on the colon walls. If you don’t have enough of these beneficial bacteria you can’t get all of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need from your food which results in a weak immune system and other health issues such as skin problems; rashes, acne; stomach issues bloating, gas or even such symptoms as mental fogginess   The recent research is beginning to show a compromised digestive system may even play a role in degenerative diseases such as autism and Alzheimer’s.

On the other hand, if you have high concentration of hostile bacteria in your digestive system inflammation occurs. These pathogenic bacteria are living eating and excreting inside your body. Their whole life cycle is there.  They excrete toxic byproducts your body has to filter out.  It is a lot of extra work and can make you tired. The toxins are also really hard on the tissue especially those right there in the intestines. Continued exposure to these toxins can increase inflammation. When this happens chronic inflammation spreads throughout the body. This inflammation contributes to digestive diseases like IBS, Crones acid reflux and even heart disease. This inflammation also affects your ability to assimilate nutrients which affect your weight and your overall pH.

When you eat raw fermented vegetables you are putting living healthy bacteria into your body. The cultured vegetables are loaded with beneficial bacteria that are intensely interested in cleaning up their new environment… your intestines.  They go to work immediately softening hardened fecal material, attacking toxins, combating parasites and balancing the acid-alkalinity of both intestines. They actually begin to crowd out the hostile bacteria. They provide your body with beneficial microflora which are important in recolonizing your inner ecosystem.

Benefits of Eating Fermented Foods:

  • They provide healthy bacteria to build the flora inside of your gut.
  • The bacteria in the fermented foods are breaking down your food to make it more easily absorbed.  You get more nutrients.
  • The metabolism of the healthy bacteria releases B vitamins and amino acids that are great for the immune system.
  • The lactobacilli make minerals more accessible to the body. 

Why do we need minerals?  Minerals carry the energy through our body and help fight off infections.  If you have an infection you are burning minerals.  When you have a virus the process of your immune system fighting them off burns your minerals. You need to have a good supply of minerals to keep your immune system strong.When you support your immune system this way your body has to work less giving you more energy to function at a higher level.

Throughout history, every culture has had fermented foods as part of their diet.  Sauerkraut is one of the most popular fermented food but the bottles you buy in the supermarket are pasteurized which kills all the beneficial lactobacilli.  The fermented vegetables you need to rebuild your intestinal flora are raw, which means they are still living. You can find those in the refrigerated section of your health food store. Look for raw sauerkraut, kimchi or fermented vegetables.  Check to make sure it says raw.   You can make these fermented vegetables at home too, it is not hard.  I will be showing you how to do this soon.

I recommend starting with 1 oz at lunch and 1 oz at dinner and then work up to ½ cup per day.  You may initially experience a little gas, but as the cleansing process proceeds this will end and you will begin to look and feel great.  Trust these microflora they are there to protect and provide for you.  Rebuilding your digestive system with these friendly bacteria is a powerful way for you and your family to get healthy and stay healthy all winter long.


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