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Detox Your Colon Daily with These 9 Foods

By October 22, 2019October 25th, 2019Nutrition Information

A healthy colon gets rid of  toxins, clearing the way for good digestion enabling you to feel lighter, stronger and more energized.

The colon extracts the final bits of nutrients from the food you eat after the small intestine has done its job of digestion and absorption. Those nutrients include water and minerals such as, calcium, iron magnesium zinc and copper.  This absorption happens  through the walls of the colon.  It is critical for your health that these final stages of digestion works efficiently otherwise you can become become toxic and even malnourished.

Adding more of the foods below into your daily meals you will help detox your colon regularly.

These foods help fight chronic conditions, aid weight loss and even slow down the aging process.

1. Lemons

Lemon juice is very effective in cleansing the colon. It rids the colon of waste matter build up and acts as an antiseptic, which hinders the growth of microorganisms. Drinking a glass of lemon juice in the morning flushes out the toxins that have built up in your system overnight.  It also alkalizes your body. Read the full article here.

2. Chia and Flax Seeds

Pumpkin Chia Pudding

Unique in their nutritional profiles, flax and chia seeds have fats and fiber that help promote healthy digestion and a clean colon. Fiber moves stool through your colon. It removes waste, toxic chemicals and other substances like cholesterol.

Eating just 2 tablespoons of chia seeds will give you 10 grams of fiber, as much as 40 percent of your daily needs. Flax and chia are rich in omega-3 fatty acids which stabilize cell walls and reduce inflammation.  Recipe: Pumpkin Chia Pudding 

3.  Ghee

 Ghee is high in butyric acid a short chain fatty acid that is formed in our colon.  Butyric acid supports the health and healing of cells in the small and large intestine. It’s also the favored source of fuel for the cells lining the interior of the large intestine or colon. (1)

The cells of the colon use butyric acid as their preferred source of energy and their major agent for supporting the health and integrity of the intestinal wall.

Ghee is used as a carrier for nutrients and to lubricate the intestinal tract. Ghee actually helps pull stubborn fat-soluble toxins out of the cells and triggers fat metabolism.  Butyrate is the primary source of energy for our colon cells. It decreases inflammation and inhibits histamine production. Click here to purchase my favorite Ghee.

 4. Homemade Bone Broth

Healing Bone Broth

This amazing food  heals the gut lining.   It contains collagen, which nourishes the intestinal lining and reduces inflammation. Plus, it’s easy for a damaged gut to digest and reap the benefits of its protein and minerals.

Bone broth is also inherently calming, consoling and restorative  Since it reduces your stress levels is also helps your gut.

Because collagen cleans the lining of the intestinal tract it helps relieve digestive issues.  Bone Broth Recipe 

 5. Raw Sauerkraut or Kimchi

Sauerkraut is a high-density source of beneficial live bacteria which assist in the digestive process. A serving of sauerkraut gives you as much beneficial bacteria as many of the expensive probiotic drinks and supplements sold in stores. To gain the benefits from sauerkraut or kimchi it must be raw, without vinegar. Purchase it from the refrigerated section.  Buy locally made when available.

Eat 1-4 tablespoons with your meals.

6. Kale, Cabbage and Broccoli 

Kale & Romaine Caesar Salad
Fresh, crunchy vegetables like cabbage, kale, and broccoli are superfoods when it comes to your gut health.

A team of scientists at the Francis Crick Institute in London discovered that anti-cancer chemicals are actually produced by the body when digesting cruciferous vegetables. They help heal the mucosal lining of the gastrointestinal tract. Kale and other green vegetables are high in chlorophyll, which helps cleanse your digestive tract by adhering to the lining of the intestinal wall and removing bad bacteria from the colon.

This is one of my favorite recipes: Sauteed Kale with Carrots and Fennel  

7. Apples

Apples contain 3 things which aid detoxification and help cleanse the colon; malic acid, pectin and fiber.

  1. Malic acid thins the bile and helps dilate the bile ducts which are used as pathways for detoxification.
  2. Apple pectin is a great detoxifier of the gut wall. It is a carbohydrate compound that acts as a thickening agent inside the gut. When taken in therapeutic doses, pectin can help root out built-up toxins in the colon and strengthen the intestinal lining.
  3. Fiber softens the stool and gives it bulk for easy removal.

Recipe : Healing Autumn Vegetable Turmeric Soup

 8. Green Smoothies

High Protein Blueberry Coconut Green Smoothie
Smoothies made from fresh green vegetables contain enzymes and cleansing salts to help flush out toxins.

The vitamins and minerals in smoothies are easily absorbed into your system giving you a quick boost of energy.

The chlorophyll in veggies help protect your digestive tract and rid the body of environmental toxins.  Green smoothies are highly alkaline reducing acidic build in your system.   How To Make The Perfect Green Smoothie

9. Avocados

For everyday colon cleansing avocados are great. Their oils prevent the toxins from sticking to the walls of the colon so they get flushed out.

Avocados are rich in fiber and include soluble and insoluble varieties at a ratio of about one to three, which is quite unique. The insoluble fiber promotes healthy bowel movements and cleanses the colon. The soluble fiber helps lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Recipe: Watercress Avocado Salad

Get started right now to help your body clean out toxins regularly with these 9 foods.   

If you feel inspired join us for the very special  Nourishing Foods Fall Clean Up Cleanse. 

Colon cleansing is a GREAT WAY to improve your body’s overall health by removing years of built up toxins. You’ll feel leaner, lighter and stronger. You’ll be digesting your food better making it easier to maintain your natural body weight.





  • Joann Ianniello says:

    I am always so inspired by your generous sharing of recipes and useful information! Looking forward to the next cleanse in November!

  • Ingrid says:

    Thanks Joann, the cleanse is going to be great. I’m also looking forward to getting together again for a delicious detoxification and restoration of our body mind and spirit.

  • Cristina says:

    What a great read!! You were to the point and very informative!! Ty so much for posting this. I was wondering a couple things:
    1) when will you do another cleanse we can do together?
    2) Cleansing our body does something to our mind and spirit as well… so what happens to someone’s mind/body/spirit when someone is stopped up for years…

    • Ingrid says:

      Hi Christina, I’m glad you enjoyed the article. I do a cleanse each season. The next one is coming up in April. You can click to read more about it and sign up to get notified. The next colon cleanse is in the fall.
      I’m not sure what you mean about being stopped for years. What I do know is your point o power is in the present and you can connect to yourself on a deeper level for more joy and peace no matter what has happened in the past. There are processes to do this in each cleanse. It would be wonderfrul for you to join us.

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