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Hemp the Next Super Food

By May 9, 2014September 10th, 2014Nutrition Information

What Is So Special About Hemp

High Protein – Easy to Digest

Hemp protein has a similar profile to eggs. While many people are allergic to eggs there are no known food allergies related to hemp foods. This is called albumin protein and is easy to digest. Hemp contains all the Essential Amino Acids making it a complete source of protein from the plant kingdom.  Protein is essential for growth and maintenance of body tissue Hemp is high in protein particularly edestin.  Edestin is a special protein found only in hemp.  Since the edestin protein resembles the globulin in blood plasma it is compatible with our digestive system.  Edestin protein produces antibodies which are important to maintain a healthy immune system.   Hemp protein contains a good amount of glutamic acid which is a neurotransmitter that helps us deal with stress. While many proteins (soy, whey, animal) are acidic, hemp protein is alkaline helping you reduce the build up of acids and maintain the proper pH in your body.

 Highest Botanical Source of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA)

Hemp has more essential fatty acids than flax or any other nut or seed oil. Hemp has a perfect ratio 3:1 of Omega-6 and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. EFA’s are good for your cardiovascular health, and strengthening your immune system.  Omega-3’s may even prevent Alzheimer’s disease. These essential oils reduce inflammation in your body which has been shown to help relieve arthritis pain.     The polyunsaturated fatty acids in hemp help increase energy, soften skin,  stimulate hair growth, regulate metabolism and normalize blood cholesterol.  Scientific research has shown that coconut oil appears to increase the effectiveness of  the omega-3’s so consuming hemp seeds with organic coconut oil is recommended.

 High in Fiber and Minerals

The high fiber slows digestion which prevents blood sugar spikes. When you have balanced blood sugar your insulin levels stay balanced, preventing you storing insulin as fat.  Balanced blood sugar sustains your body’s energy. The fiber also helps you feel full and satisfied.  Hemp seeds are a great snack. Hemp is great at absorbing minerals from the soil. Hemp has a high amount of these minerals and trace amounts of many others.

  • Phosphorous (needed to improve bone density)
  • Calcium  (good for digestion, bones and removes toxins)
  • Potassium (need for energy)
  • Silica (a beauty mineral)

 How to Buy & Use Hemp

Hemp products must be imported into the US. hemp seedsHemp seeds are sold shelled and  can be found in most health food stores. Seeds can be sprinkled on salad, put into smoothies and made into sauces.  I like to put hemp seeds into homemade chocolate and energy bars. Cold press hemp oil can be used in salad dressing and sprinkled on vegetables, fish, meat or grains hemp oil organic pressedfor a nutty flavor. You will find it in the refrigerated section of your health food store.  It should never be heated. Hemp oil is used medicinally to help people with cancer and other diseases.   Hemp oil is used in many body care products.  My favorite is Hemp Hand Cream from the Body Shop. Hemp protein powder is a great addition to smoothies in the morning to start your day. Hemp seeds and oil should always be stored in the refrigerator.

Recipes with Hemp Seeds

Cilantro Hemp Salad Dressing

Hemp Milk

Cranberry Coconut Energy Bars

Hemp and Chocolate Candies (Raw)

Let me know if you like using hemp in your diet.  I always love hearing from you.  Enjoy the recipes.


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