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Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

By June 10, 2017January 25th, 2023Breakfast, Dairy Free, Dessert, Gluten Free, Paleo, Raw, Recipes, Vegan

This rich and Creamy Lime Chia Pudding is a light, refreshing dish you can enjoy for breakfast, dessert or afternoon snack.

Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

Chia pudding is one of my favorite healthy make ahead breakfasts.  The chia provides lots of protein, healthy fats and fiber to give me energy all morning. When chia seeds sit in almond milk or any liquid it becomes a nice thick pudding.

I eat chia pudding regularly.  Besides eating it for breakfast I love having it after my work out.  The protein rebuilds my muscles and the delightful taste rewards me for my efforts.  Every time I work out I celebrate. Celebrating tells the universe I want more of this and gives me the inspiration to work out regularly.  By celebrating after every workout, the energy around it changes; I don’t have to make myself do it, I want to do it.

Do you celebrate after working out? Do you tell your self how fabulous you are for working out and feel the joy of taking care of your body?  If you don’t, give it a try you’ll see how inspiring it is.

Creamy Lime Chia PuddingI like to make chia pudding with homemade almond milk.  It’s made by soaking almonds, blending them with water, then straining the pulp to separate it from the liquid.  Here is a delicious almond milk recipe.  It’s high in vitamin E, which contains antioxidants essential to your skin’s health, such as protecting it against sun damage. It barely impacts your blood sugar with it’s low glycemic index.  It also contains calcium for healthy bones and teeth.

If you don’t want to make your own almond milk, Malk is a great brand, very pure. Look for almond milk without carrageenan.

Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

There are only 5 ingredients in this recipe. Chia seeds, almond milk, avocado, lime and maple syrup. Yay, very simple.

Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

Blending avocado in with the lime and almond milk makes this chia pudding extra creamy.   Avocados are one of the worlds healthiest foods. They contain lots of fiber and are packed with healthy fats that help lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart disease.

Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

Enjoy this light and refreshing chia pudding all summer long.   Try it with fresh raspberries and walnuts or other toppings.  Keep in mind celebrating progress (big or small) gives you a major boost in your motivation.

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If you give this recipe a try, please let us know what you think! Give it some stars or leave a comment. ♥

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“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.

– Oprah Winfrey

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Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

Creamy Lime Chia Pudding

  • Author: Ingrid DeHart -
  • Total Time: 5 minutes
  • Yield: 2-4 servings 1x


A delicious super creamy chia pudding you can enjoy for breakfast, dessert or snack




  1. Put chia seeds into a medium size bowl.
  2. Blend the avocado, almond milk, lime zest, lime juice and maple syrup together until smooth.
  3. Taste to adjust sweetness.
  4. Pour the liquid over the chia seeds and stir.
  5. Let sit at least 1 hour in the refrigerator, stirring every 5 minutes for the first 15 minutes. It will be very thin at first but the chia will thicken the liquid creating a perfect pudding texture.
  6. Add additional almond milk if you like it thinner.
  7. Serve alone or topped with berries.
  8. The pudding will last about 3 days in the refrigerator


Even though there is no cooking time required for this recipe it has to sit in the refrigerator for at least 60 minutes to thicken.  I usually make it in the evening and let it sit overnight, all ready for breakfast.

Nutrition information is for 2 servings.

  • Prep Time: 5 minutes
  • Category: Paleo, Vegan, Gluten Free, Dairy Free


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