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How to test your pH acid and alkaline a 10 day test

By June 18, 2011June 3rd, 2024Nutritional Information

It’s important to maintain the proper pH in our system.  Our cells function best  at around 7.4.  It is easy to test at home with a pH test kit.  So I ordered one from Amazon and decide to check it out.  This is the procedure .

Test in the privacy of your own home.  As you as you awaken, before you drink or eat anything, put some saliva on a spoon and dip the test strip in it. Compare the color to a pH color chart that comes with the test strips. Next, measure the pH of your second urination of the morning To do this, urinate on the strip or collect the urine in a glass (not paper) cup and dip the test strip . Again, compare the color to the pH color chart. Then do another more  urinary test before dinner. Record everything on a chart.

Do this for 10 days in a row.  Ignore the top 3 and bottom three tests because they are the extremes. Average the remaining four to determine your pH.  Ideally you want to be in the 6.75-7.0 range but you can have some variations.    Your urinary pH, is generally a good indicator of how acid or base your total body pH is. When urinary pH is continuously between 6.5 in the a.m. and 7.0 by evening, you’re functioning in a healthy range.

So I started yesterday.

Day 1 Morning  Saliva 6.5  Urine 6.5  Evening Urine 6.75

Actually I am shocked.  I eat quite a good diet and expected my pH to be closer too 7  But it is only day one and  I will just see what happens.  I had some wine last night and this mornings levels were even worse.

Day 2 Morning Saliva 6.0 Urine 5.75 Evening Urine 6.75

Curious to see how this goes.  I stopped drinking coffee, had a cacao maca latte for breakfast, salad for lunch , chciken, greens and mushrooms for dinner

Day 3 Morning Saliva 6.5 Urine 6.25  Evening Urine 6.50

I stuck with no coffee and a “perfect” alkaline diet again today.

Day 4 Morning Saliva 6.5 Urine 6.75  Evening Urine 6.50

Day 5 Morning Saliva  6.5 Urine 7.0 Evening Urine 6.75

Day 6 Morning Saliva  6.5  Urine 6.5  Evening Urine 6.25

I had some chocolate the evening of day 5 so this affected my numbers on day 6

Day 7 Morning Saliva 6.25 Urine 5.75  Evening Urine 6.25

I had dinner out with wine, bread and dessert on day 6 so you can see how this affected my numbers on day 7

Day 8  Morning Saliva 6.5  Urine 6.0  Evening urine 6.5

Back on the alkaline program, day 7 so day 8 is looking better.

Day 9 Morning Saliva 6.5  Morning Urine 6.5  Evening Urine 6.5

I really focused on drinking lots of water on day 8

Day 10 Morning Saliva 6.5 Morning Urine 6.75  Evening Urine 6.5


  • Ingrid:

    What a great idea, I am going to do this with you! What test did you buy from Amazon?

    • Ingrid says:

      I bought the brand called PH INCX. It seems very easy to use and read. I am so excited for you to do this with me as I am shocked at my results…..curious to see what readings other people are getting.

  • Ingrid says:

    Day 3
    Before dinner last night 6.0
    Morning saliva 6.5
    Morning Urine 5.75

    I am still being curious about this. It is not where I expected it to be.
    Yesterday this is what I ate. I was particularly conscious to drink lots of water.
    I did a lot of kayaking and some yoga
    Breakfast:Chia Porridge with hemp milk
    Lunch: 2oz Raw Cow cheese from the farmer’s market
    A glass of wine around 5pm
    Dinner: Salad from the garden with avocado, balsamic vinaigrette
    Scallops with roasted tomato sauce
    1/2 bar of Green Black Dark chocolate with hazelnuts for dessert

    I will see where I am at tomorrow. The idea is to do this over 10 days to get an average.
    Still I am so surprised my system is so acidic….

  • Ingrid says:

    Day 4
    Before dinner day 3 5.0 (oh my god)
    Morning Saliva 6.75
    Morning Urine 7.0 (yeah)

    I think I was detoxing the wine and last night from the day before which is why my pH was so low. I am feeling better(emotionally) now that my pH is in a more alkaline range

    Day 5
    Before dinner day 4 5.25
    Morning saliva 6.5
    Morning Unrine 6.75

    Interesting how the before dinner levels are so low.
    Yesterday meals
    Breakfast Chia, hemp strawberry smoothie with Maca
    Salad with goat cheese balsamic viniagrette dressing
    Whole grilled bluefish,( my friend Jerome caught ii, so fresh), grilled zucchini, salad with tahini dressing.
    So my morning levels were pretty good. We will see what happens this evening.

  • Bryan Ridgely says:


    Very interested to know the outcome of your Ph testing and your overall impression. I’m making many changes in my food habits and looking at the relationship to poor health and Alkalinity vs. Acidity.

    Thanks so much. I just found your site as well and enjoy the many recipes.



  • Robert says:

    My ph is weird. I am too alkaline in the morning and anywhere from balanced to acidic in the afternoon and evening. WTH is this normal?

    • Ingrid says:

      Hi Robert,
      It is very unusual to be too alkaline. I would get some new strips and retest both urine and saliva. It’s much more common to be too acidic. If the problem still occurs contact your healthcare practitioner.

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