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Farmers Market Rainbow Salad

By November 19, 2012May 30th, 2015Fermented Vegetables, Gluten Free, greens, Raw, Recipes, Salads, Seasonal

Thanksgiving is days away and I want to include some raw food into my feast.  If you like to have something raw, a little shredding, grating, chopping, slicing or mincing will allow the robust flavors of the late fall vegetables to shine through. I bought an assortment of fall vegetables incudling some multi colored carrots and kolrabi for this salad.

With this salad you can use all or some of the vegetables recommended. Pick what looks best in the market.  You want a rainbow of colors for the nutrients they provide and the beauty of the salad.

Farmers Market Rainbow Salad

Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Paleo, Vegan

2 servings

4 cups mixed greens
½ fennel bulb very thinly sliced on a mandoline
1 small beet grated on a box grater
1/2 cup shredded red cabbage
1 carrot grated on a box grater
2 kolrabi cut into matchsticks
1 handful of alfalfa or clover sprouts
¼- ½ cup sauerkraut squeezed almost dry
Chopped fresh herbs of your choice, basil, thyme, parsley

Dressing of choice  or Recipe below for Lemon Dill Dressing

  • Trim off the tops and root ends from the fennel bulbs.  You want to slice the fennel paper-thin.  It can be difficult to cut it with a knife so use a mandolin.  Save a few feathery leaves for garnish.  Pull off and discard any discolored or dehydrated outer layers
  • Toss greens with  some of the dressing
  • Place the beets, carrots, kolrabi, red cabbage, sauerkraut, sprouts and fennel in little piles forming a circle around the greens like a rainbow
  • Top with chopped fennel tops and fresh herbs
  • Serve with extra dressing in the side

Lemon Dill Dressing

4 servings

4 Tb lemon juice
¼ tsp Celtic sea salt
1 Tb Dijon mustard
8 Tb olive oil
4 Tb fresh dill finely chopped
Fresh pepper
Stevia (optional)

  • Put lemon juice into a small bowl.  Dissolve salt and mustard.
  • Whisk in the olive oil.
  • Stir in the dill.
  • Season with fresh pepper
  • Taste, if you want it sweeter add a pinch of stevia.



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