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Health coaching is about helping you set and accomplish realistic health and wellness goals. With coaching you will find a relationship with food that feels natural to you–a relationship that’s organic to you, not obsessive, something moderate, and full of pleasure. Read More.


Autumn Cleanse
Clean-Up Your Colon – Balance Your pH 
Monday October 27 – Friday October 31, 2014

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“ There is no deprivation…” 

“Once again I’ve been gently guided through a week of cleansing.  I explain to my family there is no deprivation… on the contrary there is an abundance of delicious food and all the help making it edible!!!
The daily protocol lays out the step-by-step action and following it for a week or two is simple.  The pre-cleanse discussion is so informative that it clears up any reservation/hesitation…it makes it so so simple…just having great recipes is for me the biggest hurdle to eating well…I already love the food…just needed practical ways to prepare it…and that is what you do, Ingrid!
It seems a healthy body…healthy mind go hand in hand.  It’s a process…step-by-step rearranging the habits, replacing habits, doing better with a daily practice. That’s what these cleanses do for me…they allow me to become focused and purposeful.  I discovered I’m not eating just to stay well and disease free…but because this physical body is a residing place for Being…this body is a delight and a gift for a short time. I was guided to your door…I thank you for all you do.”
Love, Wendy Laing, Washington, IA



Hi Welcome To My Website.  

I love helping women to stop struggling with what they eat, so they maintain a natural weight and feel healthy and comfortable in their body.  I can help you discover which foods best support your unique biochemistry to nourish yourself and heal.  Once you get balanced and know how to rebalance you can enjoy the foods you love and you will soon discover you love the foods that keep you healthy.  You will find a new sense of peace around food.  


Are you a smart, heart centered women who has put on some extra weight over the years and can not seem to lose it and keep it off?
Have you been waking up with aches and pains, feeling like you
just do not have as much energy as you used to?

The truth is, your body is incredibly wise with a natural “instinct” toward health.  By following certain natural principles you allow your body to do what it does best, which is to maintain balanced health.

Do you want to learn some simple yet powerful steps that will
allow you to  achieve natural permanent weight loss and
remain healthy and vibrant at any age?

Take the first step right now by requesting the …

Free 4 Day Reset Your Health Video Course
4 Simple Steps to Revitalize Your Health
(including recipes to get you started

In this course you’ll learn:

  • The most important food to add into your diet to have more energy.

  • How to program your genes to burn fat.

  • One thing to help improve your digestion so you get more nutrients into your cells.

  • How to get more satisfaction from your food.

Imagine what you could do if you had more energy than you did 10 years ago, a body you feel confident in and the peace of mind that comes with knowing how to stay balanced?

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Ingrid DeHart is a Certified Nutrition Coach, EFT Practitioner and Holistic Chef.  She is the founder of Eat Well Enjoy Life Wellness.

I am passionate about helping people who are concerned about staying healthy even as they grow older.  I specialize in helping people who are struggling with weight, especially belly fat, and who feel they don’t have time to eat properly.

I love showing my clients how to eat so they lose the weight they don’t like.  Since I was a natural foods chef for 14 years,  I teach them how to easily prepare delicious healthy meals.  They then feel confident because they know the best way to take care of their body at any age.

Food is meant to be enjoyed.  I don’t believe in struggle and deprivation so I will teach you EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique aka Tapping) to release those feelings.  This tool allows you to clear any resistance that may be standing in your way to making diet and lifestyle changes.  Instead of having to use willpower to make changes you will tap your way through it. 

Tapping also relieves stress. Tapping on the various acupressure points moves your body from stress mode to relaxation mode. It decreases your cortisol  levels “the fat storage hormone” and increases your serotonin levels “the happy hormone”.  You get healthier and happier.

My clients learn what foods are best for their body, how to prepare delicious nutritious foods and are able to clear the energy blocking the way so it becomes easy.

I work with clients on the phone, on skype and in person. I have clients all over the world.

Through my Nourishing Foods Seasonal Cleanses and unique individual programs, I can help you transform from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed to healthy, happy and glowing.

ingrid health coach picYou will learn a lifestyle that truly nourishes and sustains you.  The steps are easy, sustainable and fun.

Click here to find out more about my programs or email me at to schedule a FREE 30 minute session to discuss which program is right for you.

I look forward to connecting with you.