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Health coaching is about helping you set and accomplish realistic health and wellness goals. With coaching you will find a relationship with food that feels natural to you–a relationship that’s organic to you, not obsessive, something moderate, and full of pleasure. Read More.


Nourishing Foods Spring Cleanse
Restore Your Liver
Monday, April 20- Friday, April 24, 2015

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“Everything is thoughts and food.  When you get both right you have the real secret for perfect health” Louise Hay


Do you want to shed pounds and boost your energy but
it is just not happening?

Let me show you a few easy step that give you RESULTS

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I am passionate about helping women stop struggling with what they eat so they easily maintain their natural weight and feel comfortable in their body. This as been a life long process for me which started when I was anorexic as a teenager.

The first piece is knowing what to eat. As a professional natural foods chef I will guide you to the foods that nourish and satisfy you. When you feel satisfied there is no need for willpower.

 The next big part of the process is to find and clear the thoughts, feelings and beliefs that cause you to sabotage your health or weight loss goals. I will help you identify and release these hidden barriers allowing your body to do what it does naturally, that is maintain good health. Click here to find out about my programs.

I use EFT aka Tapping to help my clients achieve weight loss and body confidence.  Tapping is a tool that helps make it easy and fun to do what’s necessary to achieve your health and weight loss goals. Click here to find out about Tapping.

Once you get balanced and know how to rebalance you can enjoy the foods you love and you will soon discover you love the foods that keep you healthy.  It is a process and you don’t have to be perfect to find a new sense of peace around food.

“lost my little belly fat”

“Ingrid, your Program was phenomenal. After being sick and under the weather for months, you’ve cured me. I can truly appreciate nutrition and total body care now that I’ve felt all the positive effects (not to mention lost my little belly fat). My body will forever thank me for the changes I’m now making in the foods I eat and how I eat them. Thanks for all the attention, support and deliciously appetizing recipes that I will be using over and over again. You ROCK!” Daniella E, New York

  • Do you have unwanted pounds you can't seem to get rid of?
  • Are aches and pains preventing you from having more fun in you life?
  • How often do you suffer from heartburn, indigestion, gas or bloating?
  • Are you confused about what to eat to stay healthy?
  • Do you feeling like you just don't have as much energy as you used to?

The truth is, your body is incredibly wise with a natural “instinct” toward health.  By following certain natural principles you allow your body to do what it does best, which is to maintain balanced health.

Imagine what you could do if you had more energy than you did 10 years ago, a body you feel confident in and the peace of mind that comes with knowing how to stay balanced?  


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The Complete Diet Review “Breakthrough Session”

This is a 90 minute 1 on 1 session where you learn how to make a big change in your health with a small amount of coaching.

These days there is so much information about what to eat. How are you supposed to know what is right for you? For example, did you know kale might not work for your body?
woman smoothieIf you are confused about what you should and shouldn’t be eating, struggling with your weight or just want to know what foods are best for you,  this session is for you.   I have spent my life studying the different dietary theories.  With my extensive knowledge I will create a specific meal plan that is right for you.
In this session we will review what you eat now, what you like to eat, your lifestyle and what your body needs to thrive. I will then create a plan based exactly on your own needs .  I will email you all the practical and easy steps associated with your diet to help you begin to establish a foundation of health for a thriving body, mind and spirit.
This program  includes recipes and eating guidelines that will get you results. This is one of my most popular programs because you get the information you need and easy steps to take without investing a lot of time or money.
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ingrid health coach picI work with clients on the phone, on skype and in person. I have clients all over the world.

Through my Nourishing Foods Seasonal Cleanses and unique individual programs, I can help you transform from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed to healthy, happy and glowing.

You will learn a lifestyle that truly nourishes and sustains you.  The steps are easy, sustainable and fun.


If you’re curious about my services and would like to explore the possibility of working together, sign up for a FREE 30-minute consultation. This free session is your opportunity to ask me questions, tell me your story, and find out more about what I do.  Contact me at to see if working together “feels” like the right fit for you. 

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I look forward to meeting you.